The Slave II V2

A heavily modified Pursuer class ship. Following an impact, Fett replaced the original spherical reactor with a three smaller paired reactors, and recalibrated the ship's systems to compensate for the missing wing.

A +PSI Hatch, by the way, is a hatch way designed so that it requires a higher pressure outside than in to operate, in other words it is impossible to operate if there is a vacuum outside, and a pressurised atmosphere inside. Specifically in this design the locking pins become vacuum welded on the outside, whilst the inside is designed with baffles which would act to direct any out-flowing air into mechanical armatures that reseal the hatch, so the harder you pull, the tighter it closes.

In the event of an emergency, either the interior can be depressurised (after the inhabitants have got themselves into protective gear), or in extreme cases these hatches (like most hatches) can be blasted away with explosive bolts. +PSI hatches require a complicated array of bolts for this purpose, but they usually work.

These kinds of hatches are ideal for use in circumstances where a full airlock would be too clumsy and the primary purpose of the hatchis to allow ingress / egress whilst landed on a suitable world or hangar.

Yes, the ship IS cramped in a lot of places, but that's due to the unorthodox method of salvaging it.