The Millenium Falcon

The most iconic ship in Star Wars, it's design heralded in an entire generation of grungy, temperamental ships.

I've worked on the Falcon for many, many years, and have created many designs

The Falcon was what got me into deckplanning - many years ago I spent a long time rebuilding the plan found in The Star Wars Sourcebook.

The sets were built to accomodate the original 'Eagle' Falcon, and as such never fitted into the saucer Falcon. Many attempts have been made to reconcile the differences, and none of these (including this one) have been able to achieve it.

To build a Falcon you have to assume certain things are errors. Most plans stick to the official length designation and overlook the fact that the interiors would actually poke through the hull.

Over the last few years I built a Falcon from the skeleton up, and simply made the Falcon large enough to accomodate the known sets. In doing so many of the known carpenters plans actually fitted better - the cockpit fits perfectly, for example.

These plans feature a ring corridor that enters the main hold at a slight angle, which is 'incorrect' for the films, but allows the entire ship to follow a consistent and sensible layout.