CEC VCX-820 Courier

This ship was originally designed by Jeff Carlilse as part of one of his official roles illustrating for Wizards of the Coast. I have the very great pleasure of counting Jeff amongst my friends which has provided me with two great advantages in deckplanning his ships; Jeff has always been very happy to wax lyrical about the internal structure of the ships (whenever he has taken the time to think that through) and he has almost always been happy to provide sketches of various ships where certain details have been unclear on the main illustrations.
Whilst I love Jeff's work in general, I feel this ship is not all that plausible. It is clearly a military ship only (which I have always felt is contrary to CEC's ethos) and given its awesome weapons load out it seems to fit only into the munchkin category.

On the other hand it also has an X designator, meaning it IS a one-of-a-kind concept model.