Uulshos StarBus C220
This ship started life as one of a great deal that were sketched by me on scraps of cigarette packs whilst I downing pints in the Martha Gunn. Originally I was doodling a Star Wars style ship that looked more like a real world airliner. It didn't really work.
This is a second crack at the basic ship, eliminating the narrow waist of the original, and consequently greatly increasing its capacity. It currently can carry 128 passengers in relative comfort. At the rear is a pair of large clam shell doors, used to carry a small amount of cargo in the passenger ship configuration, these are of more use in the dedicated cargo version, allowing very large over size cargo to be loaded and secured.
Uulshos manufacture several variants for military use, which have found homes with some of the larger Sector fleets. these include the MT-05 CargoProphet heavy hauler, the MT-05v personnel transport and the MS-05hk SHSS deep probe platform.