Uulshlos Deep X Yacht

This ship, plus the MRX-BR Pacifier are to be found in GG8: Scouts. I did each ship based on their stated lengths, and quickly discovered that their lengths were most likely mixed up at some point. They are presented here with their corrected lengths.
This is version 2, upgraded in many ways.

This new Deep-X is shown with a pair of floatation pods slung below the main wing. These allow the yacht to land on, and float on, most aquatic environments, allowing the ship to be used as a pleasure vessel on the surface. The pods also contain traditional landing gear, making the vessel perfectly capable of landing in a normal fashion.

Entrance to the ship is via the ventral ramp, this tilts down with stairs deploying. Once fully extended the ramp's end is below the normal waterline of the float pods, which would allow the ship to dock to normal quays or jetties.
The rear of each flotation pod has a clamshell door which opens to show a standard airlock, these can be used to dock to standard facilities.
The two panel lifts up to the sun deck can be used to entyer the ship, obviously, but are not airlocks, and cannot be opened in a vacuum.
The cargo bays are divided into two sections, the small bay has a dorsal access hatch, or can be accessed from the main bay. The main bays have both a dorsal hatch and a ventral mobile hatch, capable of lowering to the waterline by docking with a rail system on the inside of the flotation pod below. This allows the main cargo bay lift to be used to deploy an aquaspeeder for transport and recreation.

The upper surface of the ship is intended to take standing people. There is a retractable railing that designates those areas best suited for fun and frolics.

The first deckplan is a hybrid showing the pod's internal layout and the cockpit far above it.