Trilon Industries Aggressor Patrol Cruiser

This is the root ship from whence comes IG-88's custom version the IG-2000. I have become more interested in the IG-88 character after the Clone Wars depict them as battle droid variants, and the appearance of the IG-banking clan seem to support the idea.

The ship below is, to my mind, roughly the equivilant of the police patrol car. Usually seen with it's wings folded in cruise mode, these can whip out as the vessel accelerates to pursuit mode. It has a pair of front mounted tractor beams which can fold out to engage, slow and hopefully stop any ship unwise enough to try and run. Boarding the ship is then possible via the ventral hatch.

Weaponary is limited to two laser cannon mounted on the backs of the tractor emitters.

Inside noteworthy features include the mini-med bay. With the flip of a switch the FX series droid activates and rolls out on it's tracks whilst the disgnostic and support bed folds down from its cubby. Having a single engine means access to it in flight is essential, especially in the absense of droids. If needed the engine splits down into it's two major componants, the reactor and the drive system, and each rolls into the cargo bay on tracks. These two bits can further be rolled to the sides of the bay for easy access. With these devices safely stowed in cargo bay access is possible to the twin hyperdrive generators housed, normally, either side of the main engine. It is of course impossible to do any of this with cargo in the bay; anything there would have to be jettisoned before begining repairs.