Thapherm A56-7W Aetherlupus Fluttercraft
Just for fun, of course.

Thapherm designed the A56-7W Aetherlupus as a basic assault platform on worlds where various elements prohibited the use of repulsorlifts. During the intial demonstrations of the Aetherlupus its chief test pilot and senior designer, Moff Ett, opened fire on Thapherm's R&D facility destroying both the records of the design and killing most of the other developers. Moff Ett returned to his base of operations on the contra-repulsor world of Lib Ye Arh with the Aetherlupus where he commenced attacks against unfortunate victims as a form of amusement.

Thapherm's director of operations recruited renegade fluttercraft pilot Linechap Gull to retrieve the Fluttercraft. In exchange Linechap demanded that Thapherm locate his missing sibling believed to be still in an Alliance holding world.

After retrieveing the Aetherlupus Linechap Gull hid the fluttercraft rather than return it, and now conducts the occasional mission for Thapherm in exchange for no more information about his sibling.

Craft: Thapherm A56-7W Aetherlupus
Type: Assault Fluttercraft
Length: 12.8
Skill: Fluttercraft Ops: Aetherlupus
Crew: 3 (2)
Passengers: 2
Cover: Full
Cargo Capacity: 50 Kg
166; 555 kmh (Flutters)
644; 2450 kmh (TurboCruise)
1127; 4287 kmh (TurboMaximum)
Maneuverability: 3D+1
Body Strength: 3D

Twin Firelinked 40mm Slugthrowers
Fire Arc: Front
Crew: Pilot
Skill: Vehicle weapons
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 100/250/1000
Damage: 5D+2

Quad Firelinked 13mm Chain Slugthrowers
Fire Arc: Front
Crew: Pilot
Skill: Vehicle weapons
Fire Control: 2D+1
Range: 75/200/800
Damage: 6D+1

Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: CoPilot or Systems Op, or Pilot at -1D Fire Control
Skill: Missile Weapons
Fire Control: 1D Plus Missile Mods
Range: Missile Dependant
Damage: Missile Dependant

Missile Types
AGM-12 Nerfpup
Ammunition: 2
Fire Control: +2D+2
Range: 20 / 9000 / 12000
Damage: 7D+1

AIM-9 Flankcurler
Ammunition: 12
Fire Control: +1D
Range: 300 / 12000 / 18000
Damage: 5D

AIM-95 Nimble
Ammunition: 4
Fire Control: +1D+2
Range: 30 / 6000 / 10000
Damage: 6D

AGM-45 Shriek
Ammunition: 3
Fire Control: +2D+1
Range: 600 / 12000 / 40000
Damage: 6D (Capital)