Telgorn ATR-6 Assault Transport

This ship features in many of the Star Wars computer games. Presented here is the ship with it's typical Telgorn chin jowls used to provide mounts for anti-starship missiles. The guns are controlled from the cramped gun deck below the flight deck. Deck plates by the load doors have stowage tie points and can be used to secure equipment including repeater blasters or other weapons for defence.

Also it may be worth noting the ship is presented here at forty five feet length, rather than the forty five meters often listed. This version has every feature listed on the stats accounted for (forty trooper capacity, five crew, three gun turrets big engines etc etc) in a ship twenty seven times smaller. As a result of that I'm calling 45 meters a typo, a typical and all too frequently encountered screw up when Americans try to cope with a grown up system of measurement.