SoroSuub Jermaguim

OK< big controversy with this ship. Actually, not really big, or contraversial, except that the shilouette listed in Pirates and Privaterrs is indistinct, the only image of the ship is in Twin Stars of Kira. Trouble was there was a VERY good chance that the TSoK image was actually depicting the Iskallioni War Frigate, not the Jerm. Not the least reason for that was that the Jermy was presented way back in an early chapter, and the Iskallioni ship on the same page as the image. That was good enough for me for years, but when I took another look at that TSoK image, it occurred to me that what appears to be an asteroid base might be ship itself, and that made the ship a possible Jermaguim again. Now, here she is.

To fit in a real deck the ship has to be enlarged, in this case by assuming the ship's length does not include any of the haulage pods. Over all the ship is now 31 meters.

The cabin deck is a half deck lower than the main tube.

This ship is meant to haul dry bulk goods, gases or liquids in it's pods.