Sienar Fleet Systems Sentinel Transport

Freshly minted from the Stuffyards, the unexpectedly huge Sentinel Landing Ship.

In this configuration the cargo panniers can hold two hundred troopers, which represents two light regiments, or one VERY heavy one. Alternative configurations exist to haul standard cargo, or even light attack vehicles.

As you might notice, I took the time to do this ship's internals. I don't usually show these, but felt rather like showing off some, so.

Anyhoo, old version in the scrapyard.

Oh, and, this ship is VERY big. This causes viewing issues on most browsers, I recommend right clicking on it and selecting the 'view image' doo hickey, which will force your Firefox (or a ghastly inferior browser) to display at the full resolution.

The mission room is just some space available for use by whatever special needs might occur for a mission. It is often left empty.