SFS Marauder Corvette

The Sienar Fleet Systems Marauder Corvette was THE first capital scale deckplan I ever did, so many, many years ago. It was THIS ship that defined the 6.4 meter scale. (The one that has plagued me ever since). It was the first ship I did in colour, the first one I did without a pencil / pen hard copy first.

This isn't that deckplan though, this is a very recent one. Since I now game rarely, if ever, and have consequently laid my EU references to one side, I felt completely justified in taking this ship to pieces and rebuilding it. It is better than it was before, cleaner, rationalerer, redder.

First things first, look at the damn thing. What does it look like? Main thing I notice it the two FRAKKING big guns slung under the wings. According to WEG, WotC, LFL and Bill Smith these are just two of the six turbolaser cannon this ship features. So, well. OK, you tell me, where are the other ones? I used to have four extras, teeny little things hidden behind panels. But, really, truly, what a load of crap. This ship has two STONKING big guns. Now I don't believe that this ship ought to only have two big guns. This version has twenty small remote controlled point defence laser turrets. (They're the small rectangular hatches with white borders.)

The next thing, it's aerodynamic, right? I mean, look, it's got wings! I know that now pretty much any ship can land according to Star Wars Canon, and I'm longing for the first person ever to give a decent representation of an Imperial Star Destroyers' gear. (I'm pretty sure the Death Star has six big ole' wheels) so that's not a problem. The real thing is, wings generate lift by altering the pressure of the air that they travel through, so things with wings implies that speed is a factor in their function. But the Troy Vigil illustrations feature the universe's SMALLEST engine. Now OK, they could burn pretty hot, but sheesh, and indeed, norks! My new revisionist Marauder has three identical engines, one on the dorsal surface, the other two on the ventral. So she's FAST.

On the engines every source I've seen has followed Troy Vigil's odd flyaway curves flanking the engine. Blah! And faff! I have rebuilt this section into being a pair of thrust vectoring baffles, the inner set locks into place converting the thrust unit to an oriented stream. The outer baffles steer the thrust stream in a fine tuning way. These baffles only exist on the main engine, to ensure there aren't catastrophic baffle related atmospheric disasters.

I've put in a bunch of cool electro-plasmicky arcing things, a la Attack of the Clones, because they're cool. Notionally these are the capacitors for the main guns.

I've added the dorsal docking ports because there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to put them; the ship is largely flat.

The bridge is a half deck above deck one, hence the three ramp arrangement in the corridors between the two.

I wouldn't have actually rebuilt this thing, but 'Alexander Knight' wrote to me to ask where it had disappeared to, so, a month and two days later, here she is, reborn, redesigned. Woo.

Merde. It is, of course only after I upload it that I notice I have neglected to put a droid stable in. For the moment assume that the ship's astromechs are stored in the dorsal airlock atriums, whilst I get out my pens again. Dratted damn droids,,,

Evidently I have been less than completely clear in my stance towards this ship or my policies on e-mail contacts as I just recieved the following e-mail;


I just thought to ask about the fact that you have missed the entire engineering level of the marauder corvette. I have had players ask "How are suppose to fix it when there's no engineering access".

Any chance you could add another deck to it with engineering and maintenance access, and maybe the Droid hold that you missed before.

Andrew Simmons

For the first time in Chrome's history this got a shouty reply I won't bore you with.
Quite aside from the appalling grammar and deeply set basic rudeness, this was inane stupidity at its finest.

On the remote chance there are other people out there who are equally stuck head first in Gene Rodenberry's fat dead arse -

You aren't going to be able to fix it in flight, that's just one of the reasons it has three engines. Do we suppose when we are flying to other countries that if one engine on a 747 fails the flight engineer will creep along the wing with a spanner and duct tape? No. Would this ship be completely screwed if it lost an engine? No. Same thing would happen; navigate to the nearest safe landing place and fix it on the sodding ground.

This also ignores the fact that we know precisely what happens on a ship which needs repairs in flight; you send the sodding astromechs who don't need a sodding engine room. That's why you HAVE astromechs. I have, of course discussed Treknologies before, the short article can be found here.