Sienar Fleet Systems LSA-1

There once was a ship called the LSA-1 (and indeed 2) that appeared in Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts. The trouble was that the capsule indicated it had a length of twenty four meters, despite clearly being based largely on standard TIE componants. There were three potential solutions;

1: - Assume the standard TIE units, but stretch the entire spaceframe to absurd dimensions.

2: - Assume non standard TIE parts and inflate the entire ship to gargantuan proportions.

3: - Realise that once again someone at WEG screwed the pooch. This could have been either an error in the stats or in the image. I decided to opt for a screwed image mainly because the TIE Vanguard established by Decipher is an unbelievably good looking ship that completely fulfills the concept of a TIE based scout / recon platform. That meant finding a new ship to represent the LSA-1 / 2. Fortunately such a ship wasn't difficult to find. The image below has as far as I know always been listed as simply 'Imperial Scout Ship.' Where it first turned up I do not know. I have vague suspicions that it may have been something to do with an X-Wing / TIE Fighter game. The actual image below has been sitting on my HDD for years, and as such i have no idea where it originated or whom the original artist is. If you do, please send me the details at errata

I'm very pleased with this ship, using LightWave 8 to create a mesh helped get the basic layout sorted faster than my usual techniques and working with a dedicated role ship is always interesting, it's less tempting to make every small space extra cargo.