Sienar Fleet Systems Grek Shuttle

This appears in Pirates and Privateers. The illustration has also intrigued me since it appeared to make very little sense. It features weird features like the very organic tail plane and disappearing curves, whilst trying to look overall like a very boxy industrial ship. It was only after taking an inordinate amount of time drawing up a plan version that accounted for these lines that I realised the ship is a LOT wider that it needed to be.

Making it as wide as it needs to be to fit everything has made it hellish big. I'm not very happy with the interior as it stands, and am currently working on a version which makes sense from the shape of the ship, not from the stats given by WEG.

It has recently been pointed out by Pierre-Ivan Raynal that this ship is in fact the Grek shuttle, not the Katarn. An awful oops, on my part. In my defence I was contacted to do this ship in an email with the original photo of the Grek and the stats of the Katarn, but still.

Given that the ship is built from the Katarn's stats, not it's own, I'm going to be doing a complete overhaul. Keep your eyes open.