Sienar Fleet Systems Curich Shuttle

I've done this ship mainly because I got bored waiting for a decent request to come in. I seem to have done most of the ships that I like in the SWU, so I'm kinda mopping up old ships and really dodgy ones like this.

When I approached the Curich I found the two main illustrations of the ship to be profoundly unsuitable. They're the kind of images generated for exceedingly cheap editorials such as the early adventures, or fan publications prior to the explosion of DTP. They were a horrific mish-mash of styles. The plan view featured a mainly smooth organic hull with a pair of rocket pods more at home in a 50's Marvel comic than the Star Wars universe. Smooth sleek lines gave way to jarring hard lines as we came to the dorsal fins. Even worse was the side elevation, there were so many horribly merged styles that it beggared belief, with inane 'solutions' to the overall design. Aghast and appalled I started to work on cleaning the design up to some kind of higher standard. I failed miserably the first three times, and then decided that my only option was to take just the overall shape and try to work with that.

To that end the ship has retained its rocket ship smoothness. The dorsal fins have been dropped down to lateral fins and the bizarre rods atop them integrated with the rocket pods to form two stage engine 'rails'. I decided to convert the main rocket nozzle into a standard airlock for two reasons. Firstly I needed an airlock and it fit well there, and secondly the nozzle seemed far too large for a relatively slow ship.

Visible on the deckplan are the two saddle fuel tanks. I've included these as I intend there to be a variant designed for much shorter inter-system travel lacking hyperdrive capabilities, and therefore needing much less fuel.

Cargo bays can be accessed from above via two large folding panels in the dorsal surface.

Passenger spaces feature five bunks and a large stowage bin. During day time ops the bunks can be folded away to form two benchs, and therefore travel in these sections is like travelling on an old style compartmented train.

After launch the entry ramp is retracted and the safety rails can be stowed. Most Curichs have a supply of seats benchs and tables to make the entry way area into an improv lounge.