Lantillian Short Hauler

The Lantillian Short Hauler has been around for many years now. The design originated as a concept sketch for the Emporer's shuttle in Return of the Jedi. In the end the Lambda was used instead.
WEG have had many itterations of this ship over the years, and created a set of deckplans that were almost tolerable. However, those plans, as always, failed to match up to the exterior images or the ship's stated size.
My Short Hauler has been reduced in size to match both internal and externals features. I opted to reduce in siz\e at least partly because when I was working out the habitable space, it became obvious that this ship could not possibly be a freighter. Even as a courier it is lacking, however, I took note of the name, and the fact that there's a huge curved panel sitting over the engines. I decided that the Short Hauler is named very literally - it hauls. To whit, if the rear curved panel is raised it reveals both the engines and the coupling element which allows the ship to dock to a standard cargo barge. Huge CRMS assist with getting the ship moving when connected to these overweight loads.
Detached from the barges the Short Hauler makes a comfortable alternative to dedicated couriers, despite the fact its internal cargo space is limited, not least by the lack of a loading hatch. Instead cargo must be either brought up through the ventral airlock, or loaded through the small dorsal access point, which is situated below the aft hull plate.