Kovax 2WB

Corina Karlstrom created a character based on Melina Havelock, the avenging angel daughter of murdered MI6 agents the Havelocks in 'For Your Eyes Only'. For those of you who don't recall the film, it has Bond escaping with Melina to his car, the red Lotus, which promptly explodes as an overly effective anti-theft device, and they are forced to use Melina's bright yellow Citroen 2CV to race down the treacherous mountainside to safety in a classic piece of action footage. I created this ship to be used by Melina as a kind of homage. The old version was subsequently been adapted into a Star Wars Miniatures map, which is groovey indeed. I have no idea where to find it though, I don't follow D20.
Old version in the Graveyard