Sienar Fleet Systems Vizier Patrol Frigate

There once was a ship named the Counter-Puncher that appeared in Galaxy Guide 6 - Tramp Freighters This ship resulted in a deckplan called the Dolenak customs frigate. In its description there was a key sentence that needled my hindbrain for ages, as it would eventually require some form of reconstruction. The sentence was;

"Tor and her crew took then took her ship to a remote part of the Yelsain system where they modified the customs craft so that it was not instantly recognizable as an Imperial vessel."

This implies that the basic model of vessel looked very different, so different in fact that it ought not to be readily recognisable. It also implies that the original ship looked like an Imperial vessel.

The first step was basically setting in stone what Imperial ships look like. There are obviously lots of Imperial ships, but if you HAD to pick one basic form that screams 'Imperial' then it is the giant space triangle, n'est pas?

I extended the lines of the original to best accomodate a triangular form, that is, the smallest triangle that would allow the four most prominant points of the space frame to fit within it. This turned out to be unfeasably long, so I settled on a cropped nose which obviously the Imperial class also has.

After that, the other feature is the raised bridge. Easy to add, of course. Extending and expanding the ship whilst allowing it to be easily converted back to the Counter-Puncher took some time, but everything fits.

You may notice there are no listed escape pods. There are two six person escape pods located in the leading face of the bridge tower accessed via the turbolift. They are not shown for reasons of complete pointlessness. All other escape gear is located in the locker room off the main assault airlock, there are a number of inflatable escape environments available. I will be detailing these handy buggers at a later date.

There was a first stage of reconstruction: - the Vizier Class Patrol Space Frigate. The second stage was the re-re-construction of the deckplan for the Counter-Puncher itself. This is now the third stage, a rebuild of the Vizier class up to V3 standards.