KDY Nebulon B

This one causes arguments. It warrants it's own page (coming soon).

Basically though, this is the only large Star Wars ship we've seen so far which has absolute scalability. We see the same window from within, with absolute scale cues, and from outside, with absolute scale cues, and from the exterior window, we can scale the entire ship. It is three hundred FEET not three hundred METERS in length. This error appears to have been made somewhere between the prop having been built and the shot of it attached to the Falcon having been shot since the Falcon is WAY out of scale. It is out of scale, incidentally, no matter whether it is three hundred feet or meters, but more so for feet.

It appears likely that the Falcon model used to film the sequence is the small distance model, and was used perhaps mostly because it would have been expensive and very tricky to build a new Falcon model that was to scale, and yet had enough detail to allow the closeness of the shots to be used, so they simply used the closest Falcon they had to hand and in the pragmatic way of film making where every dollar has to be accounted for, they quite sensibly assumed only a tiny minority of their audience would give a damn.