Incom T-420 High Speed Courier
A long time ago, in one of the first SWRPG games I ran after leaving the world of scholarly pursuits for the 'real world' we had a party with a ship known as the Fallen Grace. That ship was based on this ship, and I've finally got round to doing a decent image of it.
The T-420 is designed to haul small high value cargoes at very high speeds. Capacity is limited to six small secured lockers. Crew accomodations are minimal, with a cramped interior. Armament is designed for deterence rather than engagement, with the 420's best defence being its ability to outrace almost anything in the aether. Almost the entire rear section is dedicated to extreme performance ion drives and a blistering .7 rated hyperdrive. Large wings contain high return CRM systems augmenting speed as well as enabling agility on a par with most starfighters.