Hyrotii Crescent Courier

Always been a favourite of mine. This sleek SR-71 style skimmer first appeared in Cracken's Rebel Operatives. I got round to actually doing this ship after seeing that Christina Wald turned this cool and saucy ship into a grossly dented brick. I really can't understand how Christina manages to neatly remove all of the style and grace of any ship she touches. Christina is a superb artist in every other genre, its just she can't do ships worth a damn.

I've been meaning to do a re-working of the Crescent for some time, as I wasn't 100% happy with the curves, colour scheme or interior. Creating a maquette in LightWave sorted out the majority of the curves, and has allowed me to craft this second version. I re-built the interior too, making it a little less 'slapped together'. I view the Crescent as a classic high speed courier, best used to transport small cargoes at high speed.

The original Crescent is to be found here.