Ghtroc 720

The great space-turtle of the galaxy! One of the most magnificently annoying ships in all creation. Illustrated many times, but rarely well. Considering that the amazing Mike Vilardi has shown many times that the ship is fairly flat, and very sleek, it is a mystery to me why so many artists have chosen to represent it as being a very boxy awkward monster. Seems sheer madness to me, considering it is clearly designed after an aquatic creature.

The old version of this can be found here.

This version has been updated significantly. The ship has been resized to 31.1 meters down from 38.7 making it fit more easily into the size range of classic couriers. The long airlock corridors have been reduced and the main dome returned to it's common default nature of covering the main reactor.

Other changes are too numerous to mention, other than to say i think this layout works better. And yes, there is a PlayStation on the table.