Daupherm Planet States Discril Class Assault Frigate

This ship showed up in Cracken's Rebel Operatives. There seems to have been some degree of fascination amongst certain fans for the Daupherm Planet States and their Marines. No idea why. Anyhoo, the ship features a very large disc shaped upper larger section, and a lower, smaller tube shaped section. Given that the ship is listed as having unusual weapons systems (tri-particle cannon) I have leapt to the decision to have the upper section basically be unoccupied, with a large highly powered and unusual core which makes it unwise for organics to be near it. The lower tube section features all the habitable areas, and the droid corral which holds enough astromechs to maintain the systems located above. In an emergency crew can in fact enter the disc section and perform maintennance, but it is rare.

The tube section features a small hangar which can hold a few small fighters.

The bridge section is located between decks one and two, occupying a half deck zone.

The ship has a swing down standard airlock fitting in the main access ramp, utilising the extra room above caused by the bridge being in a half deck. This airlock can swing down and out of the retracted ramp and locked into position, allowing a dock with either the port or starboard side.