Corellispace Gymsnor 3 V2

Galaxy Guide Six, right? The Riff-Raff, right? Same ship? Yep. Right, the Riff-Raff is stated as being made up from a lot of JUNK. The illustration shows a whole load of different design styles. Despite these rather obvious clues, every single time I've seen a Gymsnor 3 it's been the Riff-Raff. Sanity, I crave sanity. I took the time to strip the Gymsnor down to it's components, and work out which bits were similar enough to represent a single ship. Then I determined the likely function of each unit, and finally recombined them in a consistent fashion.

The old version is here.

Then years later, I stripped it all out again and rebuilt it from the ground up. This is the result. The bodyplan is based on the SAAB Draken, if it looks familiar.

Generally the ship moves without its full cargo load, allowing a cargomaster to create a central path through the ship. However at full load the half height accessway that runs along the belly of the ship is designed to facilitate movement with a minimum of fuss.
Going through the cargo bay in that corridor requires moving on the outer ventral cargo doors.