CEC YZ-1900 'Soyando' Transport

This ship was originally designed by Jeff Carlilse as part of one of his official roles illustrating for Wizards of the Coast. I have the very great pleasure of counting Jeff amongst my friends which has provided me with two great advantages in deckplanning his ships; Jeff has always been very happy to wax lyrical about the internal structure of the ships (whenever he has taken the time to think that through) and he has almost always been happy to provide sketches of various ships where certain details have been unclear on the main illustrations.
I like this ship a lot, it was the very devil to convert to a plan elevation, but it started to work smoothly when the bulkheads started going in, which is always nice.

I have been made aware that WotC claim this ship has two internal decks.

I do not rate WotC as being a viable source.

Tramp made a deckplan of the YZ-900 based on the two deck model, which I formerly provided a link to. However he has also subsequently reitterated a whole raft of complaints about my version, as well as responding to my position of suggesting that these things are always open to interpretation and, after all, it's just a game, with belligerence and dogmatism, I have therefore removed the link.

This is a second version, the older version will be in the scrapyard soon enough.