CEC YT-1760 'Nortaz'

This ship was originally designed by Jeff Carlilse as part of one of his official roles illustrating for Wizards of the Coast. I have the very great pleasure of counting Jeff amongst my friends which has provided me with two great advantages in deckplanning his ships; Jeff has always been very happy to wax lyrical about the internal structure of the ships (whenever he has taken the time to think that through) and he has almost always been happy to provide sketches of various ships where certain details have been unclear on the main illustrations.
The 1760 suffers from the annoying insistence of Lucasfilm to stick to the 26 meter Falcon, which in turn forces any derivative ship into the really small end of the spectrum. This vessel is highly cramped, with most of the space serving double duty thanks to folding bunks, mobile architecture etc. This vessel as listed can hold an awful lot of passengers given the available space within.

This version is upgraded to V3 standards.