CEC HT-0820 'Barloz' Freighter

This ship has been something of a staple in the WEG Star Wars Universe.

The HT-820 Barloz features a pair of retractable shrouds over their airlocks. These extend to surround the airlock, thereby denied another airlock the opportunity to dock. In theory this ought to offer some protection against piracy by preventing a hostile docking through the normal airlocks. In practice this merely meant most pirates would simply burn through the hull instead, resulting in the loss of the ship and the crew.

As with several other CEC designs I have slightly altered the name of this vessel class to better fit a nominal naming system. In this case I have assigned a CEC style alphanumeric, and changed the 'Barloz' element from a class name to more of a nickname, rather like the YT-1300 'Selyana'.

On the off-chance it is relevant to someone, the Barloz has a tricycle style landing gear, but inverted, two gear at the rear, one gear at the front.

The older version of this ship can be found in the Scrapyard.