CEC ET-0520 Estian Light Space Corvette
Where to begin? I saw this ship first in Planet's of the Galaxy Collection (pp50), and instantly decided at some point I would give it the attention it deserved. Many years passed, then I got a request to work over a deckplan for a custom corvette. I did this merrily enough, however I was frustrated that the deckplan I was asked to redo was based on Christina Wald's very chubby version rather than the sleekness of Tim Eldred's original. I promptly decided to redo the original.
One of the things I was very keen to stick to is the design features established for the blockade runner. Several of the features are identical, since I feel that in general a company won't redesign the same thing if an older version will do just as well. (The frequency with which automobile manufacturers do the same is quite shocking, especially when it becomes clear what they feel 'will do' constitutes.)
In general I would consider this a viable alternative to the basic Corellian corvette.
Oh, lastly, I have also renamed this vessel class to better fit in with a nominal CEC naming classification, which I believe was the XS-800.