CEC AT-9050 'Limpet' Ship

This ship appears in Dark Horses Star Wars: Rebellion series, issues two and three. I dunno why I chose to do it, I guess possibly simply thanks to the very sparse data on what is a neat looking craft. Anyhoo, a whole plethora of notable features on this vessel.

1 - The huge articulated neck mounts a pair of heavy blaster cannon. If needed the neck can bend underneath the hull, and drop it's head into the hole cut by the assault drill, and promptly clear any resistance.
2 - The articulated engines. Since the ship is virtually defenceless, it's main method of avoiding danger is to get to the target as quickly as possible. To that end the swing engines deploy outwards, revealling additional emitters when on a speed run. These close up on docking to reduce the size of the ship. The extended engines are show in the background of the image below.
3 - The ship is a combat vessel, not designed as a shuttle or transport. It features no refreshers, autochefs, bunks or amenities of any kind. Crew enter through the airlocks using extendable ladders. A light infantry company (four light platoons) is then loaded. These strap in, and wait for the ship to dock,. burn through with its plasma toruch under the belly, then make a solid weld. At that point assault bots, mines or devices can be fired / dropped into the hole pacifying the initial invasion point. The troopers then deploy. Each trooper seat has an auto-retract systems.