Update Archive

Due to relocating the site, and taking the opportunity to reorganise the immensely crufty old site, most of these links will probably not work. Why leave them here then? Uh, well, it might be handy to find out when chages were made, I suppose.

Added a new version of the DX-9
20/12/07Added the ATR-6
16/12/07Winter Solstice looms ever closer. Here's a new version of the Pinnace's interior for you people.
10/12/07Added a few more Gamma variants, and made a combined page for them.
05/12/07Added a bunch of Gammas I did on a sped run. All three finished from a literal blank sheet in 280 minutes, not too shabby. There are the 40 seater, the 32 seater and the src variant.
25/11/07Added the Barabellagram to the roster.
23/11/07Added a new section to Ships.
21/11/07Added a new Space Monkey

19/11/07Added a new version of the Ghtroc 720, and finally put a visible link into the IES system.
06/11/07Added the Beggar's Solace
03/11/07Added the Rendili - Surron Starlight Courier.
11/10/07Added the Corellian Hound to the roster.
18/09/07Tweaked the latest Space Monkey, added a bunch of related Positions to Rants and Raves
25/08/07More from the latest Space Monkey, enjoy.
24/08/07Added another Space Monkey, enjoy. Added the WikiGolf page to Misc.
31/07/07Added the Trilon Aggressor and the IG-2000 to the roster.
26/07/07Added the WIP Ebon Hawk.
19/07/07Added the SoroSuub Luxury 5000.
10/07/07Added my ICQ number to my contacts page.
05/07/07Added a new version of the Hyrotii Crescent.
03/07/07Added the Corellian Limpet.

29/06/07Added a Sneaky Peek of an upcoming project, the reason there haven't been many ship updates of late.
24/06/07Added a new Rant. Added errata data to the Katarn Shuttle. Added the Gozanti Cruiser and an update of the Courier 2. Been a while since an update thanks to a dead main PC and a forever long time getting all my software back on the new one.
14/05/07Added the Regent, a request for Ronin.
04/05/07Added a new exterior for the Phoenix.
30/04/07Added a second version of Courier 1.
28/04/07Added a second version of the Ghtroc 440.
22/04/07Added a revised version of the YT-2000.
15/04/07Added updates to the R10, and added the Terra Sool fighter.
11/04/07Added the Nurgid Fighter.

04/04/07 Added a new version of the KDY Corona.
02/04/07Added the Rendili Light Corvette.
01/04/07Added the Force Vixen to starships.
28/03/07Added the new version of the HT-2200 to starships.
Added the Inflateable Environment Shelter and updated several pages to link to it when neccesary.
24/03/07Uploaded a new version of the Arakyd Helix.
23/03/07Updated the exterior shots for the Arakyd Stalker.Added the Cloakshape Version 2 to StarFighters.
20/03/07Added the Ginivex StarFighter to the StarFighters Page.
16/03/07Added a second version of the I7 HowlRunner to the StarFighters section.Corrected thumbnails for the recent StarFighter additions to use proper scale.
15/03/07Added the Miy'Til fighter and the custom variant Storm to the fighters roster.
13/03/07Added the first of several Articles into Rants and Raves.
09/03/07Added the V-Wing StarFighter.
07/03/07Added the Sith Fighter.
22/02/07Did some minor changes to the text of the Cloakshape.
15/02/07Added the Curich Shuttle.
12/02/07Tweaked some details on the Katarn and Aetherlupus.
11/02/07Added the papercraft carrier. An unusual thing for me, but people might like it.
08/02/07Added a new section dividing the ships up into manufacturers.
07/02/07Added the Z-25 Questor in both Variant 1 and Variant 2 configurations, and updated the Z-10 Variant 1.
04/02/07Added the LAAT/i gunship here.
03/02/07Added the second version of the Z-10.
28/01/07Added the Yinchorri Battle Cruiser.
26/01/07Added the Sandsloth.
24/01/07The first real update since the Rig got back in place, Stuffyards are pleased to present the E9 Scout ship.
23/01/07 Due to an almost unbelievable quantity of issues and difficulties with my rig, detailed here, it has been some time since I updated. With luck all of that is behind us now and the site can get back on track.
10/09/06 Updated and renamed the Space Monkeys section to present the awesomely insane 'Laurie McCall'.
25/07/06 Added the Lamuir Yacht and the F'w'Sen to the site.
17/07/06 Added the Mobquet Medium Freighter to the site.
16/07/06 Added the Daupherm Discril Assault Frigate to the site.
12/07/06 Added the Corellian Gunboat to the site.
04/07/06 Added the handy dandy icon to the site, so now it looks nice in book marks. Also done a ton of little tweaks, mostly fixing the page titles. The work goes on!
29/06/06 Added the Marauder to the Starships section, and added a few Links.
19/06/06 Added an entire Starfighters section, and consequently changed the access route through the starships section. Been over a month without a serious update, sorry peeps.
17/05/06 Added the Corellian CF40 to the roster.
14/05/06 Uploaded a new WIP deckplan to the Luxury 5000.
11/05/06 Uploaded the new WIP deckplan of the Luxury 5000.
02/05/06 Revised and corrected text for the Slave 2 and tweaks to the Guardian.
01/05/06 Added the CR90