12/04/12 Added the SpyBoat ramble.

11/04/12 Added a fourteenth Candidate in the Corps Of Space Monkeys.

09/04/2012 Added the Pantaloon

02/04/2012 Added the V-10 CRX Tug

25/03/2012 Added the MCN Solarian

21/03/2012 Added the Daupherm Discril V3

19/03/2012 Added the In Spite Of Files to Rants

06/03/2012 After a prolonged period of FTP issues...

Added the Millenium Falcon

Added the Magenta Palenta

Added the Saucy Bugger

Added the Outrider

Added the YT-2400 Clemenz

Added the Anoat Katt

Added the Scripts Section


09/08/2011 Added the YT-1100

19/05/2011 Added the AST5

16/05/2011 Added the RX4 Patrol Ship

09/05/2011 Added updated and rescaled versions of the TIE series.

04/04/2011 May the Fourth seems like an appropriate day to release my Blue Scale CR90 Corvette.
This is HUGE, you have been warned.

21/04/11 It has been 282 days since I last updated. Rest assured, this was due to software troubles, not a lack of work. As such, these ships have been uploaded...

The YT-1760

The Beehive

The Courier 1

The Ghtroc 440

The Hyrotii Splint

The KDY Spacemaster

The MT2300 Teryn

The PT1410 Aquis

The Grek Shuttle

The Surronian Conqueror

The Shadowstar

The Centaurian Eagle

The Moonshadow

The Randy Probot

13/07/10 Added the TransAquatic T15

09/07/10 Added the V3 Baudo Class

25/05/10 Addded the WIP of the Dark Waters Page

20/05/10 Added V3 of the Loronar Medium Transport

02/05/10 Space Monkey 12 Updated.

02/05/10 Added a Rant on the Weeping Angels

02/05/10 Added a thirteenth Candidate in the Corps Of Space Monkeys.

02/05/10 Added a twelfth Candidate in the Corps Of Space Monkeys.

01/05/10 Added V3 of the Counter-Puncher

24/04/10 Added V3 of the Vizier Corvette

21/02/10 Added a WikiAnswers section to Misc.

13/02/10 Added the Tomahawk, Hydrosled, Devilfish and Toss n Cross to the GIJoe Section

24/01/10 Added the Kazellis Courier

02/01/10 Added another Rant.

26/12/09 Added two new Rants.

13/12/09 Added a few more PosterGASMS.

07/12/09 Added the Customs Frigate

06/12/09 Added the Discordia Page. Actually, I added this a week or two ago, but I also forgot to add it to the Updates section until now, so, ner.

06/12/09 Added the Mindabaal Custom Yacht

31/10/09 Added the Incom JS77

29/10/09 Added the HT-1800, and a new Space Monkey.

02/08/09 Added the T-Wing and the Defender

28/07/09 Added the Trilon K21 Flyer

26/06/09 Added a new version of the Simiyiar

18/06/09 Added the G1-A Courier

14/06/09 Added the Nomad to Kirijama's Gallery

11/06/09 Added the JumpMaster 5000

06/06/09 Added the StarWind Space Yacht

27/05/09 Added the MT-3500, also known as the VCX-350

18/04/09 Added a new Space Monkey.

15/04/09 Added a whole new Sand Sloth

08/04/09 Added new interiors for the Svelte and the HT-2200

05/04/09 Added a new version of the Z10 Seeker

02/04/09 Added the Sienar Ships Mk 1

02/04/09 Added two more ships to Kirijama's Gallery

20/03/09 Updated the interior of the Skipray

17/03/09 Added a new version of the Gozanti interior

14/03/09 Added a new version of the K1 Gunboat

27/01/09 Added the K-Type Shuttle

13/11/2008 Overhauls to the Misc section, the Main menus, the Graveyard has been removed and two new sections open, speeders and Kirijama's Gallery

11/11/2088 After a hiatus, Chrome has moved to a new host.

We relaunch, again, with three Hyrotii Crescent ships.

09/10/08 Added the VT-0700

07/10/08 Added the MU-0410

01/10/08 Added a Generic Doomtreader

29/09/08 Added V2 of the Slave II

25/09/08 Added the Vanguard Gunboat

22/09/08 Added the MC18 Courier

21/09/08 Added the Hurricane Transport

16/09/08 Added V2 of the Pursuer

13/09/08 Added the Loronar B7 'Freighter'

Added the Firespray Patrol Cruiser

08/09/08 Added the Aegis Shuttle

28/08/08 Added the Winter Heron


25/08/08 Added V3 of the Uulshlos Deep-X Yacht

16/08/08 Added the T-420

15/08/08 Added V2 of the AZZ3

14/08/08 Updated the RT-7300

07/07/08 Added the StarBus C220

04/07/08 Updated the Arakyd Stalker

30/07/08 Added the W-23 Space Barge

22/07/08 Added the StarSpeeder 3000

08/06/08 Added V3 of the PZ229

02/06/08 Added V2 of the Graceful Transport

02/06/08 Added the Vangaard Pathfinder

30/05/08 Added a generic version of Dashdar's ship.

24/05/08 Added an Upgraded Alpha 7

16/05/08 Added the McScouty

13/05/08 Added the J-Type 327 Nubian Civil Model

10/05/08 Added the J-Type 327 Nubian

19/04/08 Added V2 of the Beehive Military Transport

11/04/08 Added the Jermaguim

04/04/08 Added the Sheathipede V2

24/03/08 Added the Barloz V2

17/03/08 Added the CEC AF Series

13/03/08 Added the SoroSuub Luxury 3000

06/03/08 Added V2 of the YZ-900

06/03/08 Added the SG-420

03/03/08 Added the new ZZ10-T

29/02/08 Added a new Gymsnor-3

14/02/08 Updated the Helix to S3

13/02/08 Added V2 of the Kovax 2WB

11/03/08 Added the new CEC R-10


Added the Chrome Forums!

To Celebrate the Launch, Stuffyards is proud to announce the release of the Sentinel V2

29/01/08 Added the Meteor Dropboat.

26/01/08 Added the Lantillian Short Hauler.
Lantillian Short Hauler
23/01/08 Added an updated Kundali Scout.

20/01/08 Added some spiel to the Shadowstar.

19/01/08 Added a brief optional retcon for Hoth.

18/01/08 Added the updated CCY Series 1

11-17/01/08 Too many small fixes and updates to mention.

10/01/08 Added the StarLoiter

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