TORIS has always been one of the best sites out there.
Moon Swing The homepage of Ian Houlihan.
The home of Christian Conkle's fine site.
Dark Heritage
Holonet The one, the only, the great bowel venting engine of WotC.
This site ought to be a firm favourite of any Sci-Fi fan.
B7 A great source for anyone who loves one of the best written, most quotable sci-fi series ever made, even if the special effects were a tad chokey.

It was the best.
That honour now lies with Battlestar Galactica.

Babylon 5
Sf3D 3D Resources
A staggeringly complete database for all you secret fans out there.
Yo Joe
Wongy I just love this guys work!

This is my mum's site, impressionist paintings.
Order a print or two, win me points!