The Holonet

Why am I here when i was expecting to go to the HoloNet?

Why? Well, because you don't really want to go there. The HoloNet was once a fine thing, back in the days of Armage Bedar it was genuinely a forum that served as a boon to all SWRPG players. Their claim that the site was unbiased was backed up by actions.

Then Armage left to pursue other tasks, and Rodney Thompson took over, the great Star Potato. Straight away the rot set in. Moderators no longer bothered to police the trolls and flame merchants. The rules, which served to define suitable behavior, became guidelines.

After a while the Star Potato started working for Wizards of the Coast and things got REALLY bad. Now we have a huge bias towards D20. D6 users are dragged out and flogged for any minor faux pas. D20 users have no limitations on their actions whatsoever. D6 threads are deleted for being 'useless' whilst the D20 threads are replete with inane and infantile trash.

To top it all off the Star Potato claims that being the lead writer for WotC does NOT represent a conflict of interest.


Trust me, you much better off NOT going to the HoloNet.