Act Thirteen: Bomb? What bomb?
Location: The USS Reprisal.

Cut to: The control room.

Dr Foreign Combs: Captain?
Captain: Aworrowuurrua over ride the destwuct code?
Dr Combs: We spoke to Doctor?
Captain: He one who actiwated the code!
Dr Combs: OK, I'm gonna need all data moved from the lab systems to the sub, right now! Now!
Commander Chap: Yessir!
Dr Combs: Captain, we may not be able to stop the self destruct code.
Captain: You're tellin' me one man can input a code and blow up my ship?!
Dr Combs: I'm telling you he built this entire program!
Captain: I don't want a histowy lesson! I want solutions, now!

Well, one solution, really.

Dr Combs: OK, we release the sharks!

Everyone looks horrified.

Dr Combs: We're already moving the data, all we lose is the lab and chamber, and that can be replaced!

I though that was a big problem earlier, the $500,000,000 problem. Oh, no, wait, it's devaluing quickly, isn't it.

Commander Chap: Release the sharks, into the open ocean, uncontrolled?
Dr Combs: Sir, we'll recatch them later when we have rebuilt the containment tanks.

Think they might swim away, but hey, you're the doctor.

Commander Chap: That could take munz, that if we could recapture them!
Captain: Shut up! You wanna explain Washington we lost eighty biwwion dollars and twenty years of wesearch?!

Ah, it's gone retro, and hence back up in value!

Commander Chap: You have no idea what kind of damage those sharks could do uncontrolled!

The same sort of damage as five great whites do normally, one would think, so, bugger all, really.

Captain: Get the commander off the bwidge! Put him in confinement! Now!
Captain (To Dr Combs): You got seven minutes!
Dr Combs: Captain!
Captain: Now! Go!

I'm not certain that these priorities are quite how I'd have them.

Cut to: The gang wrestling doors and hatches.

DQ3: OK, so it's a big hatch? What's the problem? Lets go?
Robin: It's a very special hatch! This hatch breaks and it'll put a big wrench in the works!

Cut to Commander Chap being hurried down a corridor

Presumably to the brig, past 'Sector A3' which must be, er, whoever did the signs for this sub must be dyslexic.

Commander Chap: You're making a mistake! The captain's completely out of control!

Actually you're out of control, he's still in there. Sorry. Old submariner's joke, couldn't resist.

Cut to: The gang getting in the hatch.

Dr Combs is running down the corridor with a bunch of marines. He is toting his pistol.

It's obvious, really, when the head marine gets killed, the next in command of the marines would be the civilian scientist wienie.

Gunfire erupts!

DQ3: C'mon! I'll cover you!

Robin climbs down the hatch whilst shooting some lights.

Cut to: inside the minisub.

DQ3: What's going on?
Miklos: Yeah I've almost got her powered up, I'm close.
Robin: I just got us a little insurance policy!
DQ3: That's not going to do anything for us if Barney Pfiefflewood can't get this thing moving.

Foster Identical looking marine: Clear!
Dr Combs: OK, forget them! Open valve seven! You, open valve nine! You! ten! Eleven! Now! Kerry! Get the main access doors!

Did I miss something somewhere? When did Dr Combs' job change from switching off the big fucking bomb to hunt down the trio of heroes?

Act Twelve: Wait, we won? Dang!

Act Fourteen: The Great Escape!