Act Five: Where did we park the submarine?

Location: Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
Cut to a quay. People are running supplies into the teeny submarine.

DQ3: This is still my submarine!
Somerville: You lost your crew six months ago, and haven't taken her out in a year. I thought it was necessary.
DQ3: Who gave you permission to board my boat?
Somerville: Once I paid the past-due dock rental and the fuel charges the rest was, as they say, academic.

A chipper guy strolls past.

DQ3: Hey, you have any experience in submarines?
Miklos: Yes, sir, four cruises on the Jimmy Carter, three on the Newark.

OK, this movie was made in 2003. The USS Jimmy Carter is, in fact, a submarine. It was commissioned, however, in 2005, two years after the film is set. A cruise on a submarine is typically six months in duration, with a minimum of six months down time between cruises, so the minimum amount of time required to have four cruises on one is four years. However, the first crew that takes out a submarine is almost always replaced after the first cruise, so actually we're talking about five years, which could be taken as evidence that the film is meant to be set in the year 2010 or later. The Newark, however, isn't a submarine. In fact there hasn't been a USS Newark since 1919. If we're being very very kind, we might suggest that someone assumed there may be one, and if so, it'd probably be a 688i class attack boat, as they're often named after cities.

DQ3: You seen any action?
Miklos: With who, sir?
DQ3: The Russians!
Miklos: I'm afraid I was only nine years old the last time the US and the then Soviet Naval fleet were involved in action, sir.

In fact the Soviet Navy was never involved in action against the US Navy.

DQ3: It's just, you look older than you are I guess.
Miklos: Thank you sir!

Here we're given a good view of the top of the submarine prop. On it, in raised letters is 'U.S.S. Resolve'. This is a minor problem as the prefix U.S.S. means United States Ship and is reserved exclusively for the United States' Navy.

Miklos goes down a hatch as Robin arrives.

Robin: What's up? We've got less than an hour before we gotta leave.
DQ3: I know. You ever get the feeling that you're not going to see something again?
Robin: Yeah, every time after a date when I stole the guy's wallet. Don't start the fatalistic crap, man, it gives me the creeps.
DQ3: Alright.
Robin: Hey!

They go inside. The submarine is replete with monitors and gadgets everywhere, quite unlike a real submarine which has more pipes, dials and things that make it work, but hey,

DQ3: Welcome aboard, men! I know the ah, quarters are a little tight here, but Robin and I have traveled up to six months in this baby, and been all over the world. Heh, kinda reminds me of a story back in, what was in, in ninety eight. Albanian crew member. Boy, if there was a picture in the dictionary, of bad hygiene, Gretsko would be it.
Miklos: Thank you, sir, for that inspiring story.
DQ3 Good hygiene makes for a good crew!
Miklos: We'll all be sure to keep good hygiene.
DQ3: Right.
Miklos: Sir, this sub is prepped and ready to move out.
DQ3: OK, man your stations!

DQ3 mans the periscope.

DQ3: Ahead one third!
Miklos: Ahead one third, seaman!
Seaman: Yes, sir!

They've gone six months on this thing? That would imply that the submarine is powered by a reactor, otherwise they'd have to keep refueling, see, and being powered by a reactor would mean it's a Navy boat.
The periscope is a device whose sole function is to hide the submarine from the enemy whilst you attack. Fuck all good for anything else, so what the hell is one doing on a research vessel, eh?
Lastly, the correct terminology would be 'Ahead one third.' 'Ahead one third, aye.' from the helmsman.

As the boat leaves the dock, they switch on the headlights, for some reason, and Robin lights a cigarette.

Miklos: Ma'am, it is not advised to smoke whilst in a confined oxygen environment such as this vessel.

Robin blows smoke in his face.

Miklos: OK, I'm sure if you're careful it'll be OK.

No, lighting a cigarette in an pure oxygen environment will instantly incinerate everything on board, it's not a question of being careful.

Act Four: The plane! The plane!

Act Six: Voyage To The Bottom