Act Four: The plane! The plane!

Location: Somewhere other than Florida.
Cut to an aeroplane. DQ3 is blissfully dreaming. Grainy low saturation video footage shows us a young boy, presumably DQ3 being held back by a vaguely Eastern European looking chap as two other chaps are dragging a presumed DQ2 away.

Robin: Can't sleep either?
DQ3: Nope.

Though in order to dream one has to get to REM sleep, and that takes time, so DQ3 was actually asleep.

DQ3: What are you doing?
Robin: I'm going to have a smoke.
DQ3: You know you're not allowed to smoke on planes anymore.
Robin: Its a two thousand five hundred dollar fine.
DQ3: Yeah.
Robin: So Somerville is paying all our expenses, what's twenty five hundred to him?
DQ3: I don't need the hassle right now, kay?
Robin: This Somerville has really got your number.
DQ3: Had my number. Forget it.

Robin thumps DQ3

DQ3: Hey!
Robin: I'm going on this mission too, I think I have the right to know this intriguing back story.
Stewardess: Would you like a beverage?
DQ3: Two scotch.
DQ3: You know my dad started to work on, genetics.
Robin: Yeah.
DQ3: He let a lot of the others things at the institute that were making money slip, the TV specials, the Aquarium deals, stuff like that.
Stewardess: Here ya go.
Robin: Thanks.
DQ3: Anyway, Somerville made his fortune building off shore oilrigs. He started working with my father. Somerville made a deal with the Government to have my father work on cutting edge genetics. Stuff like bio-alterations and cloning.
Robin: Uh, twenty five years ago?
DQ3: They were ahead of their time. My dad wanted out, so they killed him.
Robin: Shyeah. They never found his body.
DQ3: Well they never found Jimmy Hoffa's body either, but I doubt that he's sunning himself in Maui.
Robin: Point taken.
DQ3: My dad loved my mom and me, he never would have left like that.
Robin: I'm sorry, I didn't, I didn't mean anything by that.
DQ3: Ah.

OK, lets get this straight. DQ2 was working in genetics in or around 1978. That's fine, no problem yet, except perhaps that it's an odd leap from Marine Biology to Genetics. But then he meets a guy who builds oil rigs, and they start working together. On what, precisely? The two fields are hardly similar. Then Somerville makes a deal with the Government to have DQ2 do more genetics. Cut a deal how? In what way? What is the deal? How is this meant to make sense? The idea here seems to be that Somerville betrays DQ2 into some kind of tryst with the Government, but if that is the case, how does DQ3 know any of this? Are we expected to believe that this draconian plot allowed time for DQ2 to have a chin-wag with his annoying son? This thing is both so secret that they kill people to protect it and so slack that DQ2 is able to shoot his mouth off about it.

Act Three: Getting the 'Mission'.

Act Five: Where did we park the submarine?