Act Three: Getting the 'Mission'.

Location: Somewhere other than Florida.

Cut to DQ3 waking on a powerboat, wet and in handcuffs. The powerboat arrives at a big building on the coast, and he is escorted by two heavies, where he runs into Robin, who is sunbathing.

DQ3: Hey, what's going on?
Robin: You tell me.
DQ3: Tell you? Look at you! Catching the rays?
Robin: Well, I was out with the orthodontist who, by the way, wanted a lot more than a return on his investment of twenty five grand.
DQ3: Well, no wonder, look at the way you're dressed.
Robin: Hey! I broke into my old locker when I woke up here. I found all my old stuff. The chairs and water here are courtesy of our mystery host.
DQ3: Gah, what a headache.

A car arrives, bringing a chap, who walks past the sign reading 'Quatrell Marine Institute'.

DQ3: So what happened with the orthodontist?
Robin: Nothing.
DQ3: Nothing? What's the story?
Robin: What story? I had a few drinks and I woke up here.
DQ3: No cheque?
Robin: Why don't you, shown me the cheque, from the Austin twins?
DQ3: I coulda closed 'em.
Robin: Ach! Such a moron. It was a set up.
Alastair: Nice to seen you again Dean. Thought you might be interested in seeing the old, uh, Institute, thing.
DQ3: I'm glad to see you're so concerned.
Alastair: Aw, come on, Dean. That all ended twenty years ago, you've certainly followed your own path.
Robin: So you two know each other.
DQ3: Alastair Somerville was an associate of my father, until he had him set up.
Alastair: I see the old wounds haven't healed yet.
Robin: Well, I would like to know why Dane and I were drugged and brought here against our will.
Alastair: Security.
Robin: Right. Lets talk about kidnapping, abduction, drugs. You wait till my lawyer gets through with you.

Alastair's assistant (we assume) hands him a folder.

Alastair: Here we go, let's see, ah yes, Dean Quatrell, AKA Daniel Quinn, AKA, Dane Gwover, and Robin Turner, AKA, Robin Thomas, AKA Rachel Polanski? Polanski huh? And the Quatrell Marine Institute, AKA, the Nautical Research International, AKA, Neptune Research and about fifteen other nefarious names and companies. Now, what, what I see here is that you two have amassed nearly a, a hundred, lawsuits? And judgments against yourself, some of which of course caused you to lose the institute here. Going on, fraud, intent to commit fraud...
DQ3: You made your point Somerville, want do you want?
Alastair: Statutory rape?
DQ3: Now wait a goddamn minute, I never raped anybody!
Alastair: Not you, Dane, it's uh, your, uh partner.
Robin: I don't know anything about it.
Alastair: Well, apparently the sixteen year old's parents didn't see the sincerity in the relationship, especially when you convinced the boy to cash seventy five thousand dollars in savings bonds into the Atlantis research mission, in Hawaii.
DQ3: Again, what do you want?
Alastair: Well, since it seems the two of you have lost everything but your research submarine Resolve, I think I'd like to hire that for a mission.

OK, for later recall, we have a list of aliases for both the lead characters. That may just be background data, of course. However, the implication is that both of them have been convicted of fraud and intent to commit fraud, otherwise it'd just be allegations. Add to that one of them has been found guilty of rape, which given her apparent age and the typical sentencing for the offense would suggest that our Ms. Robin is on the run at this point in time.
I'd also like to point out that no normal person would refer to the upcoming events as a MISSION. They're not in the military it's a JOB or a CONTRACT.
Oh, and also, why the FUCK did Somerville feel the need to resort to KIDNAPPING? OK, I get that DQ3 isn't going to take kindly to Somerville's requests, but surely, Somerville might have considered using, say, an alias instead?

DQ3: That will never happen!
Alastair: Ah.
Robin: Wait a minute, he's offering us a gig, a real gig!
DQ3: This man could have got my father killed!
Alastair: I think you ought to listen to your partner Dean.
Robin: Why do you want to hire the Resolve?
Alastair: I need a research submarine that's capable of reaching at least three thousand feet, which is currently docked in Florida. Now there's not a lot of private ones that fall into that category.
DQ3: What's the mission?
Alastair: Take a look.

They all look in the inch thick folder.

Robin: It's a Bermuda Triangle Syndrome. Giant underwater fault breaks loose and three ships and a sub disappear.
Alastair: Check the last page.
DQ3: Emergency decompression. This is a US Navy problem.
Alastair: It's a private station. It'll be at least six months before the Navy investigates.

Note that we're not being told exactly what's in the folder. What do we know? Three ships and a submarine have gone missing. Exactly what the hell is Alastair talking about with six months? Do the US Navy have just a long waiting list?
"We've got three guys trapped at the bottom of the ocean!"
"Ah, well, we'd like to help, but we're pretty backlogged here. It'll have to wait until January I'm afraid."
I don't think so. If we're talking Bermudan waters here, and that raises issues of its own, then rescue at sea is the purview of the Coast Guard, not the Navy. The Coast Guard cannot just decide maybe they'll do it later. DQ3 would know this perfectly well.

DQ3: It's yours, isn't it?
Alastair: Yep.
DQ3: It's at thirty eight hundred feet.
Alastair: I know that.
DQ3: That's the dive limit for the Resolve.
Alastair: I didn't say it was going to be easy.
Robin: How much are you going to pay us?
Alastair: My lawyers will clear up yours and Dane's legal problems, we'll cover expenses for the trip and, uh, we'll give you, one hundred thousand dollars. Each.
Robin: A hundred thousand dollars, each, now, a hundred thousand after, each, when we return.
Alastair: Deal.
Robin: Buh?
Alastair: Oh, and Dean, one more thing, if this mission's successful I want you and Ms. Turner to come back here, I want you to rebuild that institute.
DQ3: Talk to the IRS!
Alastair: I already have.
Assistant: Your flight leaves tonight at nine, Mr Somerville will meet you on board the Resolve at 05.00 tomorrow morning.
DQ3: You mean you're going?
Alastair: Of course!
DQ3: Great!

Now, OK, we might be able to assume that much of the trouble these two are in, not that we're told much, might be resolved through a strategic amount of cash. Somerville is being represented as 'man of limitless wealth' after all. But lemme just underline something here, Turner has been convicted of RAPE. How exactly is that going to go away? Not to mention the myriad charges she must have incurred in evading arrest for some time. It also has to be noted that at this point both DQ3 and Somerville know the location of a felon on the run and opt not to report her - this is sufficient grounds to have both parties charged with a variety of abetment felonies and have them both thrown in a jail cell. Maybe this isn't going to be much of a problem if it were just the 'mission' but Somerville is talking about having them both, one of whom we know has no meaningful academic experience and the other, well, hell, we know nothing whatever of her skill sets. Never the less, Somerville wants them to head up the Institute? Huh?

Act Two: Recruiting Some Assholes

Act Four: The plane! The plane!