I enjoy films. Yes, I realise this is a tremendous revelation. However, after many years watching them, and studying the ways and means by which they are created, I have come to understand that many of the films I have enjoyed, albeit guiltiily, over the years have some tremendous problems. Many of these problems are inadvertant, with a combination of executive meddling, cast changes, and time limiting factors any script can go south of the border quickly. When you factor in that many of the problems with scripts only become apparent after you've switched off your Bellisarius Filter, and become excessively familiar with the films, it is hardly any wonder that when I watch them for the umptieth time flaws become apparent.

It has often been a source of irritation that I neither have an amazing supply of cash, nor am in complete control of the world's film industry. This means I am unable to finnance or control recreating these films as actual films.

However, neither of these handicaps prevent me acquiring the scripts and rewriting them afresh.

Below are some collections of these works, downloadable in .doc format.

These are idealised versions. They are not going to be perfect, because your tastes and mine will differ. I think, though, that in general they are improved.