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How do you evolve weedle?
Evolution occurs over many generational iterations, an individual cannot evolve. And stop calling me weedle.

I don't like to explain jokes, but this one revolved around three things, firstly that whilst I would imagine this is related to a game it had no context to indicate that this was so. Secondly, that the insertion of a comma before 'weedle' is a very small grammatical correction, and changes the tone of the question significantly. Also, as is usual, it is a direct personal question. Just so you know.
Here's what I got back, when I woke this morning...

It does not matter what people call you here, unless they are gross and offensive. Weedle or not, it is not appropriate to put personal messages into answers. -Whiteguru

This was followed up by another comment on this WikiAnswer, also available in File07

Can you eat without a tongue?
I have a tongue.

The Answer revolves here, obviously, around the question being asked in a direct personal form rather than a generalised form.

The answer to is not an appropriate answer.Either answer the question asked or leave it. -

Here's my response.

All my answers are appropriate to the question asked. The error is in poorly constructed questions, not with my answers.

I have a few rules by which I play this game, and a philosophy.

I don't answer correctly phrased questions with sufficient context with a facetious answer.

I don't answer questions, even the ones that are compelling in their idiocy, if they are linked to a source Wiki about which I am not knowledgeable, such as Pokemon, or Dragonball Z.

I answer questions in the form they were asked, that is to say if someone asks me 'Should you eat fish?' I will respond to it as a directed personal question, because that is what it is. It isn't my responsibility that the asker failed to ask the question correctly, as 'Should one eat fish?' nor am I inclined to assume that I know better what the asker wanted to say.

The philosophy runs to Lowest Common Denominator largess. There is an increasing quantity of people who think it is OK to have awful language skills. It is NOT OK. Language skills are directly related to intelligence, and it is NOT OK to be willfully stupid.

I respond to these kinds of idiocy by piling on scorn. This is negative feedback reinforcement. Its not as effective as combining negative and positive reinforcement, but then in two years of doing this I've never seen a single Question that deserved positive reinforcement, not one.

Your condescending response to my actions would suggest that in contrast, you are an enabler of idiocy. I do hope you feel proud to know that you're helping an entire generation of people to be as illiterate and moronic as they can be. I'll send you a medal.

Also, know that I fear not your mighty Sword of Propriety! Strike me down with it if you dare!

Then I found out 'WhiteGuru' had blocked my IP address. Ye gads, the monster!

So I looked him up, as he's a registered WikiPedian.

Foolishly, it seems, he has put a great deal of salient data out there for me to, potentially, have great mischief with, such as -

His homepage

Which in turn gives you his real name - Chris Parnell and his street address 3630 Marungi St, Shepparton, Austrailia.

Plus, of course, it turns out whiteguru is a fucking Hippy.

So, I had to send him a little email, courtesy of his contact page.

You realise, of course, that blocking my IP address on WikiAnswers merely means that I have to wait twenty two seconds to refresh it?
That's a very minor irritation to my life, how much more irritating do you think I can be, now that I have your website, home address and your real name?

It seems 'whiteguru' is a very silly person. However, I can't be arsed starting a war, so I'll not be acting on this data, providing he sods off back to hippy land, and going and bringing light to the WikiAnsers pages again.