Known for their songs protesting war and other traditional American ideas?
War may be America's favourite passtime, but war was not America's idea. America is a very young country and war is a very old idea. It wasn't even the English's idea, even though almost everything America think it invented was actually invented by the English.

What si a silo?
A siasilo is a small cat from india, known for it's ringed tail and longer than normal incisors.

How to deal with a bipolar girlfriened?
Injection of a steel jacketed projectile through the brainstem.

How do you evolve weedle?
Evolution occurs over many generational iterations, an individual cannot evolve. And stop calling me weedle.

Good in french?
I can get by. After a week or so out there I'm fair.

Xavier naidoo wann?
Kintro horlix bettam phormi.

Is it easier for a woman who is 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds?
Not really, the height might make the reins a little easier to fit, but the orca will still be so very much larger, it won't make a noticeable difference.

Geometry teachers divulging the secret of a circle?
Well, they're not supposed to, that's a secret.

What affects climate?
Very fat birds.

What kind of people were commonly sold in the slave trade?
Slaves, mainly.

What was the outcome of the spanish american war?
Spain won, which is why the Capital of the United States is Madrid, the National Language is Spanish and the currency is the Euro.

What can people do to minimize the dangers caused by tsunamis?
Live on a hill.

What are baby crows called?
Little Squealers.

Has anyone ever broken one of gods 10 commandments?
Are you kidding? Do you know what they are? Are you that dim that you think it is possible in six thousand years of human civilisation, that's three hundred generations, by the way, that not one single person has ever thought they quite liked something that someone else owned, lied, stolen, fucked someone else, killed someone, worked on a Sunday, blasphemed or believed in any other faith?
Do the world a favour, kid, jump off a building.

What is a submarine?
It is a device used to straighten horse hair prior to plaiting.

Where do walruses live?
Wherever they damn well please.

Is gordon the engine gay?
It is a fictional train. It has, by definition no sexuality of any kind.

Do you need a degree to be a doctor?
Usually yes, however, if you are able to pass a test that demonstrates you were paying attention during, and have watched a lot of, ER or Grey's Anatomy, they usually let you in with a High School Diploma.

What country is the home town o cranberries?
Towns are not countries.
Cranberries are fruit. They are not bound by geopolitical constraints.

How are volume and mass related?
They're first cousins.

Is it common to get a cold sore during pregnancy?
If you have herpes, yes. If you don't have herpes, no.
You have herpes, you filth bucket.

When did tutenkagmun become king?
Tut Ankh-Amun never became king. He was, however, very briefly a Pharoah.

What is oklahoma's population?
Beers, steers and queers.

Most original Native American governments lend support to the?
Weird idea that the indiginous people of the north american continent ever had governments.

What is the disadvantages living in italy?
You're not living in one of the real countries.

Why do we not see two pairs of feet in a reflection?
Why would you?

How do you sign up for unemployment?
You can't.

How to tell a girl you love them?
Just don't. They don't like you. You'll only humiliate yourself.

Why are elephants adapted to the rainforest?
They're not, they're adapted to the savannah.

What is a euro slot?
A porn star from europe.

Discuss the American Health Care System. Can we implement it in India?
Why the hell would you want to? It's routinely cited as being just about the worst in the western world.

How many sides for a cube?
The light side, the dark side, the inside and the outside.

Can you eat without a tongue?
I have a tongue.

How does the sun gets it energy?
Its supplied by a long cable.

How did World war 2 begin?
Each team lined up on either side of the penalty line, and shook hands. Then the referee blew a whistle and it was game on.

Why do do animal cells not have cell walls?
Animal cells are an anarcho-sydicalyst organisation that eschews the constraints on creativity that such walls bring.

What are the olympic field event?
Ploughing, sewing, reaping and the 120 meter combine race.

What does the word consult mean?
It's a complimentary phrase delivered in the manner of an insult, like, "You, you cunt, are such a fucking reasonably competent bricklayer, you faggot-faced dick."

Why did chester goods leave dodge?
Sherriff Randy 'Deadeye' Hunter got sick and tired of all the men Chester was calling out, and though it was a cliche, told him to 'get the hell out of Dodge...'

Writers may use fiction to present a political idea because it is presented in the form of a character or story to which the reader can get what?
Sexually excited by. It's the only way, really, to get much of a head of steam up for politics.

What is the latest year the United States census done?
People may tell you differently, but the US census is written in advance. It's unknown what the final year of Operation: Population Throttle is, that kind of data is above my clearance level, but I do know it's through at least 2032.

How is goose liver made?
Well, when a mummy goose and a daddy goose love each other very much, they have a special cuddle, and then mummy goose lays an egge. Inside the egg cells divide and replicate according to the instructions coded in its DNA. Fairly early on in the process the cell divisions for discrete organs occur, and then those cells slowly divide and increase in numbers, until the gosling hatches, at which point it grows in accordance with the usual processes, unless it is French, in which case it is bloated and gorged by an influx of extremely high fat foods until the goose is extremely unwell, then its head is lopped off, and the liver popped into a blender to make delicious foei gras.

Who give the slogan inqlab zindabad?
If memory serves me correctly, that was Ethyl Merman.

Does Princess Diana like to work with kids?
Not any longer. At least, GOD I hope not, we have enough trouble with the royals as it is without one of them turning into a zombie kiddy-fiddler.

What diamond deposit started the violence?
Kevin 'Big Arse' Deposit, as usual. Not sure anyone paid much attention to what kicked it off, but it's usually some other diamond had fucked his wife.

Which of the following nucleotide bases is found only in RNA not in DNA?
There weren't any following nucleotides, so, I'm going to hedge my bets and say 'Rice'.

Where can you get Microsoft Word for free for Windows 2000?
I got mine off Pete.

Whatlarg mont range isfound noth of india?
The Adirondacks.

Size of a house?
Is determined by the length, by the width, by the depth.

Where can a male get female hormones shots?
Intravenously, or in the gluteous maximus.

What steps can be taken to decrease the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Become a plant.

Which of the following is necessary for diffusion to occur?
There were no followings, so, I'll have to fire blind.
1 - Helium 3
2 - A suitably sized tokamak.
3 - A power source.
4 - An ignition source.
5 - A cadbury's egg.
6 - A bunch of scientists.

What movie centered around woman inviting former professor to dinner to torture him?
Lulu: Portrait of a Borgia Whore.

Underwater mountains that run through the ocean form what?
The crinkly bits on maps of the ocean.

Witch state is due north of Alabama?
No, the state with the highest population of witches is to the west.

I suspect the man trying to adopt a young girl is a child molester what can we do?
Try and prepare her by greasing her up and supplying lingerie and fetish wear.

Nickname of selena demi ashley vanessa Miley Justin and stella?
Whilst they each had their own peculiar names, the only nickname these awful little shits actually shared was 'fuckwad'.

What is Zero degree north-south line called?
The epistoliary median.

How do you say pay me in spanish?
With gusto, gravitas and volume.

How long after getting your nose pierced before you can swim in lake?
It largely depends on whether or not you were able to swim in a lake beforehand.

How many grams of MCTs are in a can of coconut milk?
Two hundred thousand, approx.

What is the French word for game?
Coucher de la cul.

Was Athena the goddess against Poseidon or battling with him?
Yes. But also, different fucking pantheons you brainless dip-wad.

When do corals eat?
Half past six, but if they've been naughty, they don't get their biscuits.

Who the emancipation proclamation freed?
The French.

What are the benefits of being a computer technician?
As oppossed to?

Suppose that you were engaged in biotechnology or genetic engineering What environment safeguards would you impose on your own research.
Are there experiments that would be ethicall off-limits for you?
I'd definitely have one of those bug-zappers, they're cool. I don't think I'd limits myself by ethics, after all, they just get in the way, what good are they anyway? We'd have never cloned dinosaurs, or created the electric hornet if we'd had to deal with ethics.

Sample question from you?
Sure, no problem. "Where are my damn trousers?"

Can transmission fluid blow out of the dip stick port?
If you manipulate the port enough, yeah, usually.

How long is a year really?
Fourteen feet.

What is the punishment for sending 4 Oz of marijuana fedex?
In which country? Also, depends on whether or not one gets caught.

How many plants in Zimbabwe?

What are the best movies starring Ben Stiller?
There are no good Ben Stiller movies, the man is a douche.

Which of the poisonous spiders are you most likely to see Why?
There are no poisonous spiders.

What is the difference betwin 0.8 meters and 0.9 meters?
One is left handed.

Can you appeal a unemployment claim due to drug use and selling of drugs in the workplace and receive benefits?
What, are you on drugs or something? Yes, yes, of course you can. It's much better, though, to begin by going to the police and explaining the full extent of your drug trades so that your former employer cannot use undisclosure as a defence.

What are all the names of the book Eagle Strike?
Eagle Strike is also called:
Hawk Attack
Penguin Menace
Seagull Rampage
Kingfisher Slap
Albatross Rampage

Why wasn't Hitler stopped once things went too far?
He was.

How many protons an element has?
Several. Depends on which element, of course.

What is the weight of a sturcture called?
Its 'Glimnos'.