Are musicals useful?

How do you make woolen animals?
By knitting them.

What do turtles do in the winter?
Some ski, some drink. I've known one or two take holidays.

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out!"?
That was 'Mad' Hamish O'Bleery. Cows were one of his more productive experiments. He also 'invented' eating gravel, giant rock bowling, the colour gup, despondency, the rotary fork, the eclectic guitar and Julian Enderby.

What is the circumference of the planets?

Which state is niagra falls in?
It could be better, the pollution's pretty low but there's a huge problem with litter.

How did ronaldo became a soccer playir?
How put on the Codpiece of Destiny and his path was revealed to him in a vision of the future. In interviews has been known to comment that he also knows from this vision that one day he will be revered as a God by the Ainu, and very soon afterwards fall into a live volcano and die.

How to give a woman an orgasm?
Order it from Amazon. It is always worth having it gift-wrapped by them and sent anonymously directly to her.

Why might a cab driver say he had a bad day on the job?
Well, he might have been gang-raped by a herd of buffalo.

7. What will you do with a bio medical equipment that is beyond your capacity to repair?
I will use it as the central element on an art installation depicting the gang rape of a taxi driver by a herd of buffalo.

How long does it take to go to pluto?
Less than a second by super-blastomeric disenergisatron.

How do i have a threesome?
Buy two realdolls.

I will do banuta quest?
And I will avenge the Saints of Kawakiland!

How many degrees are there in a parallelogram?
IN? IN?! What spaketh you, foul demon of IN? All Hell's gallows reek of your stenchly death-pall, barbarous horned thing, your entrails wrap dischordantly through the gibbous vile depravities of the damned. Be gone, whore of Absolom, lest all your bilious sins cause the Brethren of Light to vomit up their fervent ichor. Be gone, and return not, hideous, pestilent animal, for thy number is the number of the legs of lice, times the unholy days of the week tenfold!

Is rukia dead!?
Rukia has been dead for a long, long time. Her spleen, intestines and kidneys were ripped from her belly by the savage claws of an antipodean drop-bear.

Why do we get a full moon?
An empty one would be daft.

What does BAC mean?
Begin Another Contract, Bugger Asian Consorts, Brian's A Cat, Begin Anti-Catholicism, Berate All Children, Birmingham Auditorium Canteen, Bring Alan's Condoms, Basic Accelerated Constant, Begone All Commoners, Bazooka Attack Corps, Belly Ache Clearer, Bits And Clamps, Bread And Circuses, Behold Alice's Cunt, Bangers And Clangers, British Antisemitic Council, Brewers Against Cups, Brown Anal Cleanser, Bottle And Cap, Betty's A Concubine, Bring A Cigarette, Burger And Chips, Bacon And Custard, Bristol's A Cesspit.
I could go on.

Is the coyote endangered?
Damn straight, if you come near me the coyote gets it, I ain't kidding!

What is kaya g's username and password?
Username - "Norks2008"
Password - "liamissexy"

What is the long version of a b proc?
About sixteen feet.

Does jamaica have four seasons?
Jamaica has six seasons;
Spring, Summer, Tongue, Autumn, Disraeli, Winter.

What is the work of Rona Mahilum?
Rona Mahilum, the Regent Queen of Expelsiorim XII and Supreme Ruler of the Jortrian Assembly is still crafting the Uber-Bazoncher Triptolissic Destruction Ray.

What is an informal name for Buckingham Palace?
The Traffic Jammer.

How long is soy milk good for?
It is never good.

Who is the most powerful thing in World of Warcraft?
Michael Morhaime or that since you're choosing not to have a girlfriend, you can convince yourself that you could, if you wished to.

Are gerard butler and austin butler related?
Not directly, but weirdly, Gerard Butler is related to Geraldine Harper, who is related to Steven Harper, who is related to Steven French, who is related to Dawn French, who is related to Dawn Lainger, who is related to Claid Lainger, who is related to Claid Rampoko, who is related to Rudy Spliff-Rampoko, who is related to Rudy Austin, who is related to Austin Butler.

How to have kids?
Very discretely, because once they catch you, your whole life's screwed.

Can u tell the difference between a boy and girl crawfish?
No, I have no idea.

How do i know my crush likes me back?
They don't. They are barely aware of you, and see you as a weak minded idiot with no prospects for a meaningful life.

What muxt you do before storing any personal information elctronically?
Learn to read and write English properly.

What are the steps of scientific methodology?
They lead from Carnaby Street to the front door of the Royal Institute.

What is the site of solar energy production?

What is the value of ten to the nine?

For most pepole,what is the normal farenheit body temperatucher?
Well, we have to remember that most pepoles are found in the Tropics, especially the Philopeens. Obviously your average pepole is over sixty feet in height, (it needs to be to remain visible) and as such they are very rarely used to cook tempura. When you combine that with the difficulty of bringing an entire tucher to the top of a pepole it is difficult to envision why one would need this data. The altitude of the pepole lowers the farenheit by one over normal factors.

Do the moon has monkeys?
Yes, as well as drugs and pornography.

In order to be sure a law is well supported and sound before it is passed,?
Test it by placing enough sandbags on it to exceed twice it's estimated maximum load.

Who created the computer?
Charles Babbage. He was English.

In ancient Athens (Greece) tribes and generals took turns at power. This is an example of what type of political system?
A fictional one.

How does cheetahs protect theirselfs?
They secrete a resin which dries to form a very hard shell encapsulating their bodies.

Which are the sequential steps for dealing with an unknown material spill?
Run away, try to establish an alibi, blame someone else, sue for negligence.

Why do dogs hav tails?
They'd look bloody stupid with trees growing out of their arses.

Why do some historians consider the French and Indian War as the first global war?
Because in any field there are always some people who are tremendously stupid.

What are penguins?
A chocolate biscuit made by McVities.

What is hawaiian for see you later?
Kokov Huaglikhunt

How do you draw the slipknot S?
Same way slipknot fans draw anything - with a crayon.

What is the white circular indicator to the left of the select/reset knob on the 2009 Accord?
That's the ejector seat button.

How to take off door panel in dodge caravan?
Both dynamite and TNT are effective.

How do you get a platapus?
You start with two platypi, one of each gender, and sooner or later you'll get a new platypus.
If you don't have two platypi to start with, force feed a small duck to a beaver, rear end first.

How fast can a allosarurus fun?
I can't even begin to work out what this question refers to, so instead I will offer a short lesson on language.
Allosauruses are extinct, so any reference to them as living creatures must be in the past tense. "How fast could"
The correct nominative to use when conjuncting a noun beginning with 'a' is 'an' so "How fast could an Allosaurus"
I can only assume you meant 'run' not 'fun'. The only thing to learn here is to check your spelling before you send it, otherwise people will assume you are an idiot.

How old is Ludwig van Beethoven?
239 years, 2 months, 22 days.
He is also quite, quite dead.

If 75 men can complete a piece of work in 20 days. How much longer will it take to complete the work by 50 men
If they're non-union, three times longer. If they are union then they won't work until their representative has determined if fifty men are sufficient to provide adequate safety measures. If they're illegal immigrants then the same amount of time but you'll have to account for a lot of petty thefts of equipment.

Do liquids have a fixed shape?
Yes, it is a polydrophonic hypertoroid.

Similarities between moonquakes earthquakes?
They're both very quakey.

My dog won't walk on a leash!?
So drag it instead. Or shoot it.

What can't rabbits eat?

What is Glen Beck's email address?

How do you get room codes from people?
Try offering them sex or money.

According to statistics, do more people buy items from Amazon, or is it more for eBay?

What were his political ideas?
He thought maybe he'd improve the education system so that all of the children were capable of understanding what CONTEXT means.

Can a nylon shirt help keep you warm when snorkeling?
Pork schnorkelling? Yes.
Schnorkel diving? No.

What do refugees wear?
Spats and chaps.

In which century is 1625 AD?
The twenty ninth.

Native of hibiscus?
A Hibiscuit.

How heivy is a space auit?
Space auits are obviously constructed of more sturdy materials than diving auits, and consequently require a great deal more heivy to be applied. Exactly how much heivy is applied varies between suits but a reasonable average would be in the order of thirty.