How many types of fog are there?
Classic, Cherry, Diet, Lite and for a while Tab.

What is pure gold?
Gold is pure gold.

What grows from canyons?
From seeds of canyons great chasms are made. Dream not of tomorrow, but of all our yesterdays.

What are three positive and three negative results of the cultural and biological exchanges that took place between Europeans and the native peoples of the New World?
1 - Thanks to the Anorak Tribe, Europe was introduced to truly weatherproof clothing for the first time.
2 - The acquisition of vast territories gave Europe the excuse they needed to fight a really impressive war, that in turn wiped out smallpox.
3 - The women of the Native Folk of the northern american continent were considered very attractive by the standards of the time, which made a lot of explorers very happy.

1 - The introduction of the word 'like' into western vocabulary.
2 - Excessive travel across the Atlantic caused the continent of Mu to destabilise and sink.
3 - Exposure to infections caused many deaths after Smurfpox was introduced to Europe.

Two out of fity?
Futty eight

What shirt size is MB?

What type of bomb is mills bomb?
It is an improvised weapon manufactured from discarded prosthetic limbs.

How much does a yard of concrete weight?
Nothing at all.

Who long did it take the moon?
I do. I long for that track every day. I can't seem to find it for download anywhere.

What butterflies are endangered\?
All of them, I squish them good! Squish squish little flutterbys! I squish them all!

What is a dot grath?
A dot grath is a fine meshed grath used for the capture and disposal of dots, especially common dots and brown wolf dots.

What is the answer to the ditloid 9 s in the g f?

What is the time difference from NY to London if not in Daylight Savings Time?
New York uses imperial measurements, whereas London has adopted international time and as such is now decimal.

What is Roman about the painting on the ceiling of the catacomb of Saints Pietro and Marcellino in Rome entitled Good Shepherd,Orants, and story of Jonah?
The clue is in the question.

What is an acronyn?
An acronyn is a nyn that is made up of several other things, like refridgerators, clothes pegs or anechoic tiles.

What is the space between a graphic and words in a newsletter called?
The Cronkite Niche.

Iconic California landmark that began in 1933?
Kim Novak.

What would you write in a letter to your wife and children in world war one?
There'd be a lot of things, but I'd certainly want to cover that I'd fallen through some kind of wierd vortex in spacetime, and be very keen on finding out when I acquired children.

How long is a plane ride from ohio to texas?
About thirty eight feet.

How females think?
That's a very controversial concept.

3 famous food in itaiy?
The itaians are very proud of their culinary heritage, but perhaps the three most significant dishes are;
A - Qu'albuk Tichinni
B - Loorf Bread
C - Anthichristo Penne Arabinti

What was the lengthof a foot based on?
The distance between the tip of the longest toe and the rearmost surface of the heel.

Who discover the psp?
The lead investigator was Lt. Col. Gordon Rummage, however, the reports of who actually extracted the device from the crash wreckage were heavily redacted by MJ12 and remain the subject of fierce debate.

Ive got this update 1.60 i need to download in order to play online on resistance two and at the bottom of the screen it says "you cannot perform background download of this content" Does this mean anything (PS3)?
No, it is completely devoid of meaning.

What; ; are; ; th; ;beb; ;`10; ;alien; ; force; ; alien; ; ; attacks; ; codes?
; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ;; ;; ;; ; ;;;; ; ;; ;; ;
Hope that helps.

What's the location of Kabul,Afghanistan?
It's in the Middle East. In Afghanistan.

What is another name for the line of latitude?
Doctor Henry Brapheltt's Beltline.

What do spotted dolphins eat?
Spotted Sequels.

What does a terminator do?
Why, it terminates.

Why did the british soldiers wear red?
Because they simply looked divine, darling, it complemented their complexions so delightfully.

How do you get kamen rider agito belt?
Unprotected sex with a carrier.

What does Br. stand for in a priest title?

How are green rainforests formed?
They paint blues ones.

Who is rhona mahilum?
She's the Regent Queen of Expelsiorim XII, Supreme Ruler of the Jortrian Assembly.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Left Brained And A Right Brained Thinker?
They're only able to use title case.

Where did electrcity get ivented?
It wasn't. Electricity is an urban myth. What seems to be electricity is in fact the migration of very small, but extremely fast moving lice.

Im 13, what sorta jobs could i do?
Prostitution, soldiery, mining. Depends on where you are really, but one of those ought to appeal.

Space words that start with M?
Mocket, Mastronaut, Mlanet, Masteroid, Momet, Malaxy

What were the manjor inventions 1998-2009?
Parsimony Manjor is, of course, a very prolific inventor, however these years were somewhat sparse. Patents were recorded for;
The self-defeating trouser.
The orange depilator.
The analog smock.
The barn hooter.
The automatic bango tuner.
The large hadron toaster.

Do vampires make love?
Vampires are FICTIONAL.

All of the following steps are required to ensure a proper fit for your protective mask EXCEPT:?
Accelerating to light speed.

What is a standard unit of meter?
The Croppet.

Effect of colon cancer on physiological behavior?

If I put a moneymaking program on my computer for club penguin, would I be banned?
You can't make money from clubbing penguins, the bottom has dropped out of that market. Try seals instead.

What is animal kingdom?
It is a small state adjacent to Swaziland.

Billy joel's insturment?
Billy Joel's insturment lasted for over eight years.

What about solution and suspension?
Yeah I know, I was psyched!

Who was Martin Luther king?
No, he wasn't a king, he was a priest.

What dose briannameaing?
1cc per kilogram per hour.

What is a zither instrument?
Yes it is.

Who is ronan kettin?
A clone of Ronan Keating, intent on destroying the known universe.

Give four facts about conditions aboard the slave ship for olaudah equiano?
1 - They were nasty.
2 - They were horrible.
3 - They were vile.
4 - They were horrendous.

On which word does Thoreau make a pun in this sentence?
None of them. There is no pun in that sentence.

What happened when lazarus died?
He got better.

Where was Thoreau's cabin located?
Deck six, section twenty seven delta.

Which is first satellite in the world?
There has never been a satellite in the world.

How did america aquire hawaii?
It was the prize in a christmas cracker.

Under what circumstances was angela beatified?
If the bitch doesn't have dinner ready, if she looks at a guy, if she speaks back when she shouldn't, if she doesn't give it up to my friends when I tell her, if she doesn't clean up good, if she doesn't get my beers when I want one, if she's loud during the game, hell, any time she acts like a bitch.

Who is the youngest jackson?

How do i make a be bo?
Bees cannot boo - they have no lungs, larynxes or lips.

What was queen victorias husbands job?
He was a painter and decorator.

Something about me?
Yes, its because you are, lets be honest, now that its all over, really really ugly. Plus, you're stupid, bigoted and you have offended everyone I know.

Why did they build the eifle tower?
It was an attempt to perform research into the structure and nature of clouds.

Can you cook pak choi?
No, I can't.

How to say guardian angel in japanese?
Gomikame or Gomikameko depending on gender.

Which polygon has the same name as a major us government building?
The Ellipse.