What was England's line up for the 2020 world cup in 09?
The 2020 World Cup will be held in 2020, not 2009. The line up will undoubtedly change between then and now.

Don't understand this alternate timeline?
None of us do. Hitler lost? Impossible! I rue the day I agreed to enter Doctor Zobaknid's quantum bridge deceleratotron.

What is rouges father?
Rouge is a form of make up. It has no father.

How do you solve linear equations?
With daring, aplomb and intestinal fortitude.

What eats a tree frog?
The primary predator of the tree frog is the Peruvian leaping River Dolphin. Although known as a dolphin, the creature is in fact a whale, albeit a small one.
The River Dolphin is able to leap up to sixty feet from the water and take several tree frogs in a single bound. It then crushes the frogs to death against its balleen, thereby separating out the toxins, which are spat out afterwards.

What is a motive?
Its a bit like a moped, but smaller and cheaper.

How do i kno my answer on 02?
By reading the subtle signs of body language as she writhes in your arms.

Why many goverment workers are not efficient?
This is due to the issue of equal employment. It is illegal in most first world countries to deny employment to people based on such arbitrary factors as their abilities to do the job, or their efficiency when performing the job.
This means that any Government department is constantly monitored to make sure that they employ a very small amount of efficient employees and a much larger number of less than capable employees with levels of efficiency varying from around 3% to 48%.

How old was abraham lincon?
Abraham Lincoln's age varied by approximately one year every calendar year subsequent to his birth, and ceased upon his death.

What if we did not federate?
We simply would have federnined instead.

How old do hamsiters live to?
The average age of death for people in this employ is 68, however it has to be remembered that siting ham is a job with an unusually high risk of death, and this brings the average down. A cautious ham siter, who uses siting tongs and fresh ham only, could live as long as anyone in any other profession.

What injetions do you need for egypt?
A 'c'.

How long can pizza stay out after cooked?
For the forseeable future.

What was the occupation of the woman who was murdered in the 2007 movie "Dead Silence"?
She was a ham siter.

What was jacob blacks mother?
Jacob Black's mother was a human being, homosapiens.

What is the definition for light?
The opposite of heavy.

Why did the english civil war break out?
It was bored of its long incarceration.

How do you get a guy to ask you out?
I have always found it effective to kick them very hard in the nuts, and then pour a flamable liquid all over them while the writhe in pain on the ground. Simply adding a lit match to the situation always gives good results.

Ancient china clothing?
Very little of it remains as
A: It was obviously very delicate.
B: China clothing proved to be extremely uncomfortable, and very little was actually made.

How long can raw chicken breast stay in refrigerator?
More or less forever. I wouldn't try eating it after it had gone off though, but it'll be fine there until eventually it decomposes.

What does sequel mean?
Sequel is a noun for a saltwater quel. Normal river quels, sometimes known as prequels, are to be found in many rivers, lakes and streams throughout the northern hemisphere. Sequels are simply their oceanic cousins.

Tips on a multicultuarl speetch?
Learn one language properly.

How tall is kim kardashian?
Who gives a shit?

2. What is Millicent motivation for not joining the sorority?
He wasn't allowed to. He had to join a fraternity instead.

Words that end in sion?
Perversion, diversion, lesion, revulsion, compulsion, Barneysion, elysion, trapesiumsion, photolosion this corrosion, implosion, explosion, demotision, derision, lumpsion, incision.
Isn't it a bit tactless to ask about the Sionists after all this time?

Why is northen turkey so heavily populated?
Because the south is so fucking awful.

Importence of federal governement?
Education, possibly? Ensuring that its people can read, write and speak intelligently?

Can you have sex with shaak ti?
I can, she's my bitch. You get your filthy, sticky, nerd fingers away from her or I'll cut your bollocks off.

How much grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon?
How MANY grams of sugar ARE in ONE teaspoon. Twat.

Why do girls like attention?
Because they're vapid, vacuous creatures devoid of self-determination, talent, skills or abilities of any kind.

What does collision mean?
It is the forcible evacuation of a puss filled cavity in the colon.

What does sorce mean?
It doesn't mean anything.

Where does canada get their corn?

What happens in a chemical reaction?
There is a reaction between the chemicals.

Url for electronic travel agency?
Electronic travel does not exist outside of science fiction.

How to scare your dog?
Buy a tiger.

What is 3 over 8 in simplest form?
That'd be tits 'n' ass.

What is a good exercise for someone wanting to lose weight?
Juggling chainsaws.

How did sonic's parents die?
In horrific pain.

How long does a flight take from puerto rico to az?
Twice as long as it takes to fly halfway.

How much is a wii in currys?
About forty tikka masalas.

Carpool lanes do all of the following except?
The Macarena.

A location the place where two lines cross or insect.?

How would you know if your hamster is a girl or a boy?
Males dress to the left.

When will wrath appear in alien force?
A week next tuesday.

Which Beatles member divorced Heather Mills in 2006?
The uglier one.

How does t.v. affected the way we live?
It reduces the population to illiterate scum.

How do you find tough enough snow on club pengiun?
Snow isn't the best material to perform any clubbing. A sturdy piece of wood would be far more effective.

What is ontarios population?
Mainly Canadians.

What is the time diffrence in pacific?
Time is 2% slower in the Pacific that Global Standard Time.

Why were african slaves able to form a new african american culture?
They saved up supplies of tin and gypsum until they had enough for the construction.

What jobs do people have in The Rann of Kutch?
They all manufacture snow-globes.

How much do forensic anthropologists make?
Between four and five kilograms.

What signaled the end of the use of the dog-sled as a mode of transportation in the late 1920?
It was a small bell.

I want to see my resuts of msbte?
I really don't.

Name of the passers?
I didn't get them, they were only passing.

What is the swiftest cat?
Ronnie the Rhodesian Rocket Cat.

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood could chuck wood?
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
At least get the fucking thing right.

What are minirals?
They're smaller versions of the more common rals.

What happens when you feed a rabbit brocoli?
Due to the presence of uncarbonated denatured siphic acid in brococoli, the rabbit will start to necrotise from the inside out. The build up of heat and pressures released by the guts causes noticeable swelling, finally the epidermal layers will render, and the necrotic flesh will be explosively ejected from the carcass.

Please explain why you are interested in this position, and based on your experience why you would be suited to working with Bond & Bond.?
I am suited to working with Bond and Bond because I am a self-important, smug but ultimately mindless, tedious prick. My experience of drawing genitalia on every photo I can find would be invaluable to the company.

What do the symbols mean on the instrument panel of 97 honda accord?
Left to right - Oil Temperature, Fuel Gauge, Deicer, Self Destruct, Ennui and Hover Mode.

I miss you a lot?
I don't miss you you foul-mouthed little gobshite.

Left arm sofa?
Right leg blue.

What is the most fertile day for a woman?

Fish found in dam?
Not usually, dams are made of concrete, which is a poor substitute for water.

What was one of the major events the incas had?
Casual dress fridays once a month.

What did Gerald R. Ford do to help his country?
A: He was not Reagan.
B: He died without fucking anything up too badly.

What does it mean when a twelve year old girl has red blood cells in her urine?
Its time to replace her with a newer one.

What brought Christianity and Islam to Southeast Asia\?
Sheer boredom.