How to estimate 2 digit quotients?
Pick a number between ten and ninety nine.

What are female turtles called?

Why does Maris Brood have red lightsabers?
She only has red ones for a few days each month.

What is the best class for an dwarf (dragon age)?
Upper middle. You get a comfortable lifestyle without the hassles of being responsible for anything important.

How much is 500 english pounds worth in euros?
Depends on what it's five hundred pounds of, really. Five hundred pounds of molybdenum is going to be worth a lot more than five hundred pounds of Vernon Kay DVDs.
You ought to know, though, that the United Kingdom uses the metric system, as any sensible country does, so perhaps you ought to rephrase the question.

Are the spectacled and little red flying fox the same?
The similarities between the spectacled flying fox and the little red flying fox are entirely similar to the similarities between the spectacled flying fox and the spectacled red flying fox and not at all dissimilar to the similarities between the little red flying fox and the spectacled red flying fox, which is to say that there does exist a dissimilarity between the similarly named flying foxes, to whit, the spectacled flying fox, the spectacled red flying fox and the little red flying fox, however there does also exist a similarity between them in that the spectacled flying fox is similarly spectacled to the spectacled little flying fox whilst the otherwise dissimilar little red flying fox is similar to the spectacled little red flying fox in the area of redness, but dissimilar in the matter of spectacles.

On "Star Trek: The Next Generation", where was Captain Picard born?
In a hospital.

What did Dharma falsely claim was the purpose of research at the 'Orchid' station in the Orientation video?
Genetic research into the biological heredity of the spectacled little red flying fox.

Definition of statestate?

How much is 12 weeks?
Eighty four days.

Dr. G. diffuusori?
Was most famous for leading the research into differentiated llamal epidermal skin conditions, winning the Spaedbecker Award in 1968. Although this research proved to be critical in the field of treating diverse skin complaints in Llamas, it was later shown to be based on work largely plagiarised from the Chinese vetinary legend Dr GoMing Lei Kawakabing. The ensuing legal battle ran for the best part of three years and resulting in a ruling that Dr Diffuusori was required to hand over all profits from his llama treatment centres and shave his eyebrows off every day for six months.

What is the difference between geographic and magnetic north and south poles?
The geographical poles are defined by their geography, whereas the magnetic poles are defined by their magnetic fields.

What do mole rats eat?

Way is the sky blue?
Way, yeah, totally.

Where is bart allen?
Bart Allen is buried under my patio, along with sixty kilos of lime and the bank records of the transaction.

Which river is the slowest?
The Congo. It's not so much stupid as arse-quakingly dim. I mean, really, you think the Orinoco is dumb? The Orinoco is like a savant compared to the damn Congo. The Orinoco didn't flow sideways for a few weeks in '76, did it? No. The Congo can't even spell its own name, its FIVE LETTERS!

What is the cold place in the world?
The silence of devotion in the eyes of unwanted love.

How do you get the accolade "warming up"?
'warming up' is not an accolade, it is a description.

Why is copper used in water pipes?
Because cheese had a tendency to leak.

What 4 problems occur in muscle's?
I'm the bar manager, so I think I speak with some gravitas. At Muscle's I would say our four major problems are;
A: Attendance of Staff. It is unfortunate but our staff is largely made up of transient visitors to the island, so it is difficult to rely on having a full complement in the evening.
B: Stock supply. As everything has to be brought up by the boats we often run low on supplies, especially if there's a run on something special.
C: Over excited female guests. Whilst we love our guests, after a really good show we sometimes have to escort our guests outside to deal with 'emotional issues'.
D: The Dutch. They're just really nasty people.

What is a bad guy name that is not tooken?
Pretty much any name could be a bad guy's name. Tooken doesn't sound like a name to me, though, unless it's one of those foreign names that don't really count except for novelty value.
Why not try 'Larry'?

How big is 1200 square?
Quite big, but not as big as you might think. Smaller than a house, bigger than a cow.

Any quotes on women education?
"It was a bad idea then, it is a bad idea now." - Nietsche
"What the devil? Arse to them, I say!" - Churchill (Kevin J)
"Women's education is like crocodile's bowel health. Its likely to get out of control and chew your legs off." - Buster Keaton
"I don't like it, it smells funny." - Diane Keaton.
"Mmmn uhhmm nnnerr fuh bluhhhh!" - Helen Keller.

Numbers in french?
They have them, but they rarely use them as the French are easily confused.

How can I learn to perform hypnosis on myself?
The best thing to do is slam your forehead very hard into a wall. Repeat until you enter a state of illumination.

Overlord whywont the refugees come back int the city?
Because you're still in it, and they don't like your sniveling, whining little voice, or your banal illiterate words or your vile, noxious stench.
And its 'My Divine Overlord' to you, proletarian scum.

Is criss brown in jail?
No, he was inducted into a secret organisation funded by the LoDD, and tasked with infiltrating the Bavarian Illuminati and sewing discord amongst their kind.

What device is used to mesure air pressure?
I use a ruler, but to be honest, I don't get very accurate results.

4 letter word for mysterious character?

How high is the highest point in Europe?
Oh, pretty high. Higher than lots of things you might think were pretty high, but lower than the highest thing there is.

What is vegetas rill name?
Vegetas Rill. Nee Bawlontrapsichord.

What is the four number after 7998?

Global warming is one of the most debated enviromental issues?

How much gravity is on Uranus?
About ten cubic meters.

How do you store champagne?
WTF? You DRINK it you fool!

Defination of voltmeter?
A device for measuring voltage.

Can you freeze seafood gumbo?
Anything can be frozen.

First person to invent the space suit?
I invented the space suit.

This plus that?

How much does iron go for?
A song, mate, a bleedin' song.

How long can hamburger be safely kept in freezeer?
A hamburger can be kept safely in a freezer indefinitely. I'm not sure what a freezeer is, though. Hamburgers are pretty safe at the best of times, to be honest. They're virtually threat free in fact. Vegetarians don't like 'em much, but who cares? Filthy farting weak-minded gits that they are.
Obviously the bacteria that might grow in a hamburger can kill you, but it would be far too presumptuous of me to assume that you're simply too stupid to ask a question in an appropriate form.

Is vista faster than xp?
To get an empirical answer to this question, I took a copy of Xp and a copy of Vista to the top floor of the building where I work. I carefully set them up on the lip of the roof, and then tipped them over using a broom, so that they fell at the same time. A colleague of mine stood below with a stopwatch and a camera.
Unfortunately the XP box landed on his head. He will recover in time but he may never learn to speak again.
That did mean I didn't get any solid evidence. At this point it occurred to me that the essence of XP and Vista is the code, not the packaging, so I took the discs out and took them down to this biker bar I know. After buying several pints I convinced two bikers to take a disc each, and race down the length of Short Street. Hairy George got back first, and thereby proved that, in fact, XP is faster, but not by much.

Go bragh 4 lettters?
That'd be seven letters, actually.

You're troubleshooting a problem with poor performance over a WAN?
No, I'm answering random questions on WikiAnswers.

Who killed John F Kennedy?
No one did, it was the bullet passing through his brain.
Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people.

Did walt disney have himself cryogenically frozen?
What the hell is it with people failing to capitalise real names?
Walt Disney did ''not'' have himself cryogenically frozen, this is an urban myth that has failed, somehow, to be put to sleep.
Walt Disney is alive and well aboard the Panthelalian Brane Cruiser 'Solatikis' along with other critical members of Generation 317, which include Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, which is en route to Galactic Reorientation Zone Six (by the Schism Zone) and should, by now have accelerated to .98c and as such, is in a temporal bridge pending the jump to Brane Three and the paralight experience.

What is Daniel's access code?
Kappa two seven epsilon dakka dakka brown.

What do you do on this website?
Pretty much this.

What is tobacco?
A thin, colourless soup derived from fluid secreted by the Untruk birds native to Wurkin's Island.

What are factors that cause accidents?
Mainly the Krypton Factor.

What is the connection between true love and first impression?
An RS-232 cable is ideal, though some true love, especially European love, still uses the serial port.

What is the main function of the panama canal?
It is primarily a portal through spacetime to the Seventeenth Dimension, ruled by the infamous Dave 'Big Dave' Zarkon and his Horde of Trampling Midge Ures.

How do you obtain a business license?
Knock someone over the head and take theirs.

When did Xemnas see Xion as Ventus?
After winning the scrabble tournament. It was obvious to everyone by then, though, so don't be too impressed.

What was England's line up for the 2020 world cup in 09?
The 2020 World Cup will be held in 2020, not 2009. The line up will undoubtedly change between then and now.