Word for conspiracy of silence?
You could try 'disonoroustificorium'.

A yardstick character appears:?
And just as suddenly, disappears into the ebony vale of night, leaving but a smattering of discarded peanut shells as evidence they were even there.

How far is it to fly to one place to another?
Twice as far as it is to fly halfway.

Why is Sponegebob cancelled?
Because it was an inane creation featuring poor production values, abysmal writing and a horrendous premise that provided no benefit whatsoever to
humanity whilst appealing only to the kinds of moron that can't even spell sponge.

How much are piano lessons?
About three litres.

Turn the verb spelled g-l-e-a-n into a gemetric fingure
When I compose gemetric fingures I always try to use only the most pure gemetry. You would probably want to invest in a gold standard gemetry such as Harper's Gemetry or Mr. Tomson's Special Vintage. It is really worth the extra cost.
Obviously you'll have to clean the glean first, using a mixture of soapy water and milk. Once that has had a chance to dry, insert it fully into the fingurator, paying attention to the sloppage flanges and seal the entire unit with a Croppett Hutch.
Mix the gemetry after sealing the glean in the fingurator, this will allow you to apply the gemetry at the correct time. Evenly soak the fingurator's Howdle-Trench with the gemetry to secure the sparse wrinkles, and then fill the fingurator to the brim. Leave the entire thing in direct sunlight for two weeks, and then carefully open to reveal your perfectly fingured glean gemetry.

What do you like?
Stuff that's good.

How much does columbia university cost?
It's not available for sale at this time. However, an opening bid should account for buildings, assets, land and amenities. A conservative opening bid should be near $360,000,000.

What is "that summer" about?
Ninety two days.

H long to deep fry a fully cooked ham?
Well, a fully cooked ham is fully cooked by definition, and consequently deep frying it would be purposeless.
Besides, H, also known as Ian Watkins, of course, never deep fries anything, that's how he keeps his trim figure and excellent skin condition.

Explain sound recognition..?
It's when you hear something and you think 'I know what that is!'.
I like the new ellipsis variation.

How many people in america are obese?
Seventy six. The rest are morbidly obese.

Who is young jeezy?
Jeezy, by Zerki out of Masmaloid, is the crown Prince of Thow-Plandraphor. He is also the arch-nemesis of Dow-Tat, and current holder of the Ashari Cluster's regional Zopp throwing contest.

What is montana's capital?

What is budding?
The Dahlias, a few late snowdrops and the Daff's'll be up soon enough.

What clothing do they wear?
What kind of a question is this? They're giant ants, they don't wear any clothing.

Is soy sauce a colloid, solution, or a suspension?
It is a condiment.

6 L on an I?
3 K under a 7.
We must meet. I have the merchandise. At the sound of bubbling tar, at the hour of the Crow.

A character who does not change throughout the course of a story is referred to as what?

What is the meaning of the word median?
A median is an inhabitant of the Cypriot coastal village of Medi, a lovely place to visit if you like retsina, good company, excellent food and aren't Turkish.

Who first identified or discovered gold?
That was Keith. He was right happy about that.

When did isis rule?
Isis was a ''goddess'' and so never did rule, ruling is something that humans do.
Depending on your point of view and faith, Isis either has never been a factor in human affairs or has never ceased being a factor in human affairs.

What is Hiv positive?
Never having to worry about the cost of your care when elderly. That is about the only HIV positive.

Where is the us headed?
I didn't realise there was an 'us'. Don't you think it's a little bit early to be harassing me about our relationship? It's no wonder you scare everyone off, damn, talk about clingy! I think you ought to know, I have been seeing other people.

How would you describe your work style?
Like the dove on the cusp of essence, afloat on turbid waves bourne not to the sea but unto love.

What happened to Canada in resistance games?
It fell off. Not enough continental glue.

What are metal ions?
Meta-lions are feline beasts that have been augmented by forces originating in the Vortex Zone between reality and the F-Dimension. They are fearsome apex predators of the Hinterverse, stalking their prey with cunning and tenacity, beware traveler, BEWARE!

Whats in poop?
Two 'p's and two 'o's.

Does dmg comes on sat and sun?
DeutschMetallGeschaffte utilises Constant Operation Mechanical Encapsulation Systems as you rightly point out. The operator position for these devices is seated, however DMG products are not currently rated to withstand either the pressure nor the temperature of the sun.

Is it true that if you're good at math and you enjoy math you can do computer science?
It is certainly true that people who refer to the study of mathematics as 'math' should not under any circumstances be allowed near to a computer.

The gravitational force between two objects depends on the masses and what factor between them?
Fondness for the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan.







Oh, and distance.