Is horse a mammal
Contrary to popular belief, a horse is in fact a reptile. The warm blood and hairy skin usually associated with mammals are misleading, as a horse generates heat for its body by performing the practice of 'Skarning', usually after dark. This practice involves climbing trees to a height of around twenty feet, and then dropping to the ground. The kinetic energy is converted to body heat by Omann's Organ, located in the chest between the third and second lung.
What appears to be hair is in fact a thick coating of fungus varying in colour between white, through brown and grey to black. Removal of this fungal layer is not recommended as the skin below may become susceptible to infection.
Perhaps the most obvious sign that horses are reptiles are the fact that they lay eggs. These eggs are dark green in colour, and are frequently laid in clumps numbering between ten and forty individual eggs.

Where is slim couldry?
Slim Couldry is in the kitchen eating my sandwich, the git.

Codes for 2010?
The code for 2010 is K324b-bamboo-bamboo-bamboo

Oprea formart what is it?
The question is slightly mispelt. The 'Opera For Mart' was a short composition consisting of three arias played for the birthday of Martin Sheen. The plot concerned the nefarious plots of a king's two sons in their attempts to usurp him. Ultimately they are foiled by each other, and the King remains the most powerful figure in the land. Although only performed once, critics were impressed by the convoluted plot and by the performances of Shalia Spwoon, Roderick Manfustico and Frank Musk. A bootleg copy recorded on a video camera was available for some time on YouTube but has been removed for reasons unknown.

40 ml equals how many gallons?

Why did edward leave?
Eventually he came to understand that his attempts at light-hearted small talk were inappropriate in the circumstances and decided that leaving would be more wise than risking being held in Contempt of Court.

How to ditch a date?
Firstly, locate a suitable ditch. This ought to be some way off the beaten track and quite deep, at least five feet, eight being ideal.
Take your date, wrapping it in Clingfilm, or Saran Wrap if you're a yank, to avoid getting your fingers sticky and take it to the ditch.
Feel free to say any last words you may wish to at this point, and then simply throw the date into the ditch, after, of course, removing the wrapping so that any passing wildlife won't be harmed by it.
This procedure can be followed for many dates at once without any risk.

When did colunbus come to america?
Jean-Claude Colunbus never made it to America. He was a chef in the famed A la Grenouille restaurant in Paris, and whilst he had planned to take a trip to the US for many years, he died tragically in a bizarre accident on his way to the airport. After extracting his remains from the combine harvester, he could only be identified by the recipe for Chocolat-Chaud avec Comouliers he was carrying at the time.
Christopher Columbus, on the other hand, also never made it to America, he died whilst it was still France, England, the Netherlands and Spain.

Lighthouse is located on a small island 2 km away from the nearest point P on a straight shoreline and its light makes four revolutions per minute. How fast is the beam of light moving along the shoreline when it is 1 km from P?
Beams of light move at light speed, 298,000 kilometers per second. The rotation of the source of light is irrelevant as the speed of light is a constant irrespective of the point of view of the observer.
If, on the other hand, the question is 'how fast does the circle of illuminated ground move' then it is impossible to answer the question as relative velocity of the illuminated area is constantly changing to accommodate the differential distance between the straight tangent upon which P is located, which is neccesitated by the motion 'along the shoreline', and the circular motion of the light. Ergo, it could only ever be a singular value at a singular point in time, and as such the speed would always be zero.
However, the answer is probably intended to be an exercise in geometry, in which case, we take the total distance of the circle described by the light at point P, which is Pi times the diameter. The diameter is 4000 meters, making the distance traveled 12566.370614359172953850573533118 meters. It does this four times a minute, and so, multiplying by four to get revolutions per minute, then by sixty to get revolutions per hour, we get 3015928.9474462015089241376479483 meters per hour, which is, obviously, 3,015.9289474462015089241376479483 kilometers an hour, or applying the simple 5/8 conversion, 1,884.9555921538759430775860299677 miles an hour.

However, the first two answers are a lot more accurate in terms of physics and will get you many more points if you mention them as well.

What does Tony Harris mean?
Tony Harris was a fairly famous fiddle player in Camden during the Blitz. As such, he was a 'fiddler'. Fiddler rhymes with 'Middler' which sounds a lot like 'Meddler' and that in turn is rhyming slang for 'Peddler'. In this case meaning a vendor of gentlemen's relish.
Rhyming slang being what it is, filth peddler - meddler - middler - fiddler - Tony Harris. Tony Harris means that the subject sells adult literature to his customers.
Here is an example of it used in context;
"That Brian down the newsagents, where you get your Radio Times, you'd never credit it, but he's only a bleedin' Tony Harris on the side!"

I'm rarely touched?
Try touching yourself. It's harmless and many people find it enjoyable.

Should I kill the ant queen?
Yeah, she's a bitch. She ate my sandwich.

What is a personal statement
Anything like 'I feel so alone when I watch the ducks flying south.'

Is annie duke married?
Yes I am you cheeky devil!

How much is it to put on the play wizard of oz?
Fourteen grams.

What was sir francis drake expectad to find?
Certainly not his arse with both hands, he was a frightful ninny.

What did the peasant's revolt show that the peasants were not just an illiterate mod of tlunatics?
That sooner or later there would be a much larger group of far less literate morons.

Donde esta la isla de guadalupe?
No, they're mine and you can't have them. Where would I keep my collection of antique socks?

The ancient roman die?
Yes. They all did, actually.

How do you write "until next time" in spanish?
U _ N _ T _ I _ L _  _ N _ E _ X _ T _ _ T _ I _ M _ E _ _ I _ N _ _ S _ P _ A _ N _ I _ S _ H

How long does it take to get a bathelor degree?
You'll need to be able to spell bachelor first.

Whats a chonch burger\?
Five pounds fifty, six pounds with cheese.

Will of god according to the bible?
Sure. Well, we all are aren't we? Really? When you come down to it? Perhaps not the French, they're bastards. Is this Will French? No, he'd be Guilliame, wouldn't he. So yeah. Bound to be. Why, is he worried he might not be? Tell him he's a moron if he is, I mean it's hardly worth bothering about. Sheep happens.

Can you survive in the ocean?
Generally, yes, but then I am a tuna fish.

What happens if you go with no space-suit in space?
You die, unpleasantly, and very quickly. That's why people wear spacesuits.

What are the relationship in ecosystem?
They're kinda dating, but eco wants to go steady. System's an arse, though, who knows if it's going to work out. Anyway, everyone knows eco is gay.

Which of the following has not been romantically linked to Brad Pitt?
None of the following have been linked to Brad Pitt or anyone else.

Is madonna dead?
The Madonna is deceased. Everyone, except possibly Elijah, from the Bible is dead, at least in terms of their physical bodies.

What are the chances of my dog getting pregnet if she mates?
It depends on how well you have trained the bitch. If she usually fetches your pregnet, then she will likely continue to do so, assuming, of course, you don't mean literally during the mating.
Having a bitch fetch your pregnet isn't a terribly good idea to start with, however. Dogs tend to rip and tear the net, making them unusable for the capture of pregs without extensive repair work. I recommend using a pregnet bag of hession or thick cotton.

Does synthetic urine work?
Works for me every time.

Why are you allowing that incredibly annoying quest ad to run on the site. please do not allow any more commercials with sound on here.?
Sure thing buddy, no problem. If you contact the finnace department to arrange the transfer of funds we'll get right on that. The annual revenue is estimated at $128,000,000 for the fiscal year 2010/2011, are you planning on paying it all in advance, or quarterly?

Garth of izar?
Thanks, but I've just had breakfast.

A difference between a data file and a program file?
There's no real difference under most Operating Systems, however in BeOS and Windows 7 the two are distinct in that a data file consists of a string of 1s and 0s whereas a program file is an analog audio file stored on a tape drive integrated into the DDY3 chip set.

How much does a chicken drink in a day?
It varies from chicken to chicken. Mine are usually quite pissed after three pints or so, but my cockerel, Terry, frequently goes out on a bender and can polish off a bottle of Tequila or two.

Ragnarok has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.?
That's OK, I was getting pretty tired of feeding Fenrir anyway.

In "Moulin Rouge", what does Satine die of?

The wave equation says that a wave's is equal to its wavelength times its frequency.?
That is so true. I think we can all agree that this is a truly touching sentiment.
I can only respond by asking, as did once Tron, "What is the wavelength of goodbye?"
Something to thing about.

What PLC stand for?
Pretentious Liberal Comedian.
As such, they stand for nothing but appeasement.

How many grains of sand does it take to build a bridge across the Atlantic?
Let's not fuck about with feasibility tests, eh? Bold! I like it! However, I'd recommend just one or two scale models first, why not try to build a bridge across your bedroom with sand first, and then get back to me with an assessment of the structural strengths of sand.

How long does it take for the sun's energy tor each earth?
That depends on what you mean. The sun's energy is constantly being produced so in a sense the answer would be instantly, as we're talking about fluctuations on a quantum waveform, rather than anything actually moving.
If this is a question posited by a school, then I'd be tempted to return the answer above, get full marks for it and be listed as smart-arse for the rest of the year.
However, the answer they're looking for is probably just the time it takes to travel from the sun to the earth at light speed, which is impossible to answer as the sun's surface is uneven, and the Earth follows an ellipsoid orbit, meaning the distance between the two can never be measured, and so the time elapsed between the two can also never be known. One cannot even work with the theoretical center of the sun and the average distance of the Earth from that point as the sun itself is orbiting the galactic core and therefore exerts an elastomeric variation on the distance, whilst the Earth's orbit is decaying, meaning each orbit is very slightly closer to the sun than the previous one.
If you were to say 'damn the physics' then the answer is going to be in the region of 499 seconds.

Madolio passed or failed?
Yes, that's certainly true, Madolio did indeed pass or fail.

How many grains of sand does it take to build a bridge across my 8-meter bedroom?
Come on now, you've got to put in some of the work yourself.

How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room in Delaware?
If you don't know the answer to this, you're not old enough, and neither is she.