Dark Future is a board game published by Games Workshop in 1988, which is a long time ago. It's a road based combat game set in a near future setting. Corporate expansion and monopolisation combined with runaway ecological collapse has led to a polarisation of the worlds people between those who serve the corporations and live in the fotress cities, and those who still hold on to some level of freedom. The central premise of the game revolves around the creation of the Enderby Act which permitted communities to establish private police forces to counter the rapidly increasing levels of violent crime.

The Enderby Act led directly to the creation of Sanctioned Operatives, licenced individuals or firms that take on the job of policing the highways and interstates. Their foes are groups, clans and gangs of outlaws who predate the roads and the small communities trying to eke out survival in the barren deserts. They're known as Renegades, collectively.

The Sanctioned Op has access to funds and resources through the corporate world, and most have come to adopt the G-Mek Interceptor as their vehicle of choice, high powered armoured cruisers with ample firepower.

When the basic rules were combined with the subsequent additions for campaign play and pedestrians, it was one of the most involving and interesting gaming environments ever created. The game has long been out of print, so long in fact that Games Workshop have made the rulebooks available for free download. originally the set came with a variety of road pieces and counters, but also a set of styrene cars and bikes along with weapons, all scaled to match the standard 'corgi' scale cars available in all good toyshops, which allowed you to very quickly build up a fleet of game pieces. Over twenty years later, however, the styrene renegades and interceptors are almost impossible to find, at least in good nick and cheap enough to be worth buying.

It occurred to me a few years ago that most car based games used counters for the vehicles too, and with a growing skill and confidence in my 3D modelling and texturing abilities, it ought to be possible for me to create counters of my own. I started to bring the models up to speed, and quickly found that this would be a practical option. However, as tends to heppen to me, I got bored, and the project sat idle for some time. Recently I have gone back to it, and started to bring my newer skil set to tweaking up the models. Below are several vehicles I assembled two to three years ago. It must be noted that I use and convert a lot of freely available 3D models for the Renegades.



The Crazy Monkey

This is an attempt to get a basic version of the interceptor from the front cover of White Line Fever. It's far from complete in that regard, so this is more or less a WIP. It does, however, show the beginings of the Type 3 body shell, including the rear spoiler fairing.



The Enola Gay

Redd Harvest's Type 2 GMek interceptor. Twin missile pods, nuff said.



Logan Trace

A front line operative with the MPF agency based in Kansas, Logan's machine features the trademark blue red and yellow pursuit colour scheme. Oh, and this is a Type 1 GMek, as indicated by the lack of a flattened roof.



The Express

This is a stock high speed courier interceptor belonging to the Express. These machines are meant to get small packets from A to B without getting lost. Therefore Express Couriers emphasise sheer unadulterated speed over combat capability. Few vehicles can out run an Express courier.



T L Harker

A Creative Solutions hunter, T L Harker favours a combination of Hack-Attack software and a custom tuned heavy laser cannon to engage the high-tech outlaw gangs prliferating around San Fransisco.



Trixi Bliss

A Detroit based independant op, Bliss has developed a reputation for overkill. The type 1 interceptor she fields is a staggeringly expensive piece of hardware, mounting TWIN double load chain guns PLUS a seven tube computer assisted missile launcher and more hardware under the frame than most GMek show-cars. This comes at a price, of course, for the costs incurred runnig her machine, Bliss could probably outfit a small agency.



The Outlaws


A simple bike. The bike itself is a modified stock bike. There aren't many bike models out there which is probably going to make bike gangs tricky, but here's one.



The Death Cabbie

A stock new York cabbie model heavily modified with loads of armour, twin 40mm grenade launchers and a pintle mounted .50 machine gun.




A fairly stock renegade, this was an early basic test.




A Flameboy attack jalopy, Randoman packs three linked double load SMGs on the front, plus a pair of linked double load SMGs on the rear. Randoman tends to make kills by flukey criticals rather than skill.


The Meemer

A more or less stock BMW M5 mounting three fifty calibre machine guns on the hood. This super-charged muscle car replies on speed a agility to survive on the road.




Viper is a stock pick-up truck modified for Dark Future with load of extra armour, a custom bult flat-bed, and interior, plus weapons. the Flameboy Viper is often used as a bike killer, with the back packed with outlaws packing small arms.




An off-road Flameboy outlaw mounts a turret chaingun and a pair of 20mm grenade launchers for softening up a target.