How To Play:

Go to the WikiPedia, and select 'Random Page'. This is your Tee. Hit that funky 'Random Page' button again, and this is your Hole. Now, using only the links within WikiPedia itself, so no 'external links' you must get from the Tee to the Hole in as few links as possible. Once achieved, the Hole becomes the Tee of the next shot.

Sometimes you'll realise you were better off not taking that link, and decide to go back, this counts as an extra shot, so A to B to A to C counts as two shots, not three.

It's sometimes useful to check that your Hole is in fact not a stub, so it IS possible to shoot to it. After playing a few holes you will have developed a decent course, with a Par rating.

We are in the process of creating such a course, the Tees and holes are as follows;

Hole One - Par Five
Tee - Tutti Frutti
Hole - Madelyn Pugh

Hole Two - Par Five
Tee - Madelyn Pugh
Hole - Peter R Forster

Hole Three - Par ?
Tee - Peter R Forster
Hole - La Vie Claire

Hole Four - Par ?
Tee - La Vie Claire