I get a few requests every week. many of them are perfectly reasonable, and get a perfectly reasonable reply stated why I'm either going to do the project or why not. Then again I get some that just make me laugh. I have decided to make these public to spread the joy and with a bit of luck, stem the tide of these bizarre inanity.

I wouldn't normally do a name and shame, but these really do take the biscuit.

Generally these fall into one of two catagories;

A: Ships that have no decks. The Mouldy Crow has two seats, just two, so why do we need a deckplan? Is a map really neccesary?

B: Ships that are vast in scope. Star Destroyers. Super Star Destroyers. Super Dooper Star Destroyers. I often get requests to do these, and one can only speculate as to how intensely dim witted one has to be to even vaguely believe it could be possible for anyone to tackle such a task. My best estimate on the total area of paper needed to print a complete deckplan of a victory star destroyer at 300 dpi is well over a square mile.

The sad truth is the majority of requests for ridiculous ships also omit simple things like the word 'please' or indeed any kind of politeness.

Ah well, on to the entries.

Monkey 01

Monkey 02

Monkey 03

Monkey 04

Monkey 05

Monkey 06

Monkey 07

Monkey 08

Monkey 09

Monkey 10

Monkey 11


Monkey 12

Monkey 13

Monkey 14