Basic Technology

"How Do The Frakking Things Work Anyhoo?"

In recent email conversations I've been having with some fans I've started to realise that perhaps I ought to have a set of pages, an area of Chrome if you will, that has some in-depth information on how the technologies of Star Wars work. As I see them, anyway. This is the root page of that project, and contains the index.

Please note that we're talking about a fictional universe and there may be areas where these technologies have significant fudge. Most of these systems rely on a Deus Ex Machina to some extent or the other and being fictional it would never be possible to give the 'truth' of the thing.

As a preface to the work, it might be an idea to discover the 'Fundamental Jack'.

Also be aware that this area is very much under construction. There are many pages which will require re-working and illustrating. Having said that I would appreciate getting feedback on any of these entries, both suggestions to tweak and improve them as well as identifying areas I need to improve to make them more understandable.

Technology 101 - The Hyperdrive

Technology 102 - The Reactor: Friend And Foe

Technology 103 - The CRM Systems

Technology 104 - The AD Systems

Technology 105 - The Ion Drive and Thrusters

Technology 106 - The Shielding Systems

Technology 107 - The Repulsorlift and Related Systems

Technology 108 - The Hull and Internal Bulkheads

Technology 109 - Emergency Systems

Technology 110 - Consumables and Life Support

Technology 111 - Hygiene Pods

Technology 112 - Hatches, Portals and How to Get About Inside

Technology 113 - Cargo