The Yield Transportation System

The method of profit making for courier transports is typically broken down into two broad catagories.

A - Speculative Trading

This means that a freighter captain buys goods out of their own pocket and then moves them with their ship, and tries to sell the goods for a greater sum at another location. This is risky, but can garner large rewards to canny independant traders.

B - Drop-Point Delivery

This generally means that a captain is hired by a third party to run their cargo from point A to point B. The captain is paid a prive based on the amount of cargo and distance travelled. This method of making credit is fairly safe, but tends to be only marginally rewarding.


There is a third common method, however, called 'Yield Trading' .

A Yield Trader works with a merchant and provides the use of their vessel for a pre-arranged percentage of the total profit made by the trader on what would essentially be a speculative trading venture. If, for example, the merchant makes a large profit from their sales of goods, the Trader would make a tidy profit. If the merchant made little profit, then the Trader would be out of luck. If a loss is made, then typically the Trader would be left out of pocket also. This factor has led to a decline in Yield Trading since the establishment of the Empire, however at one time is was popular, and appealled to the 'renegades and rogues' of the galaxy.
The practice was so popular around the Corellian Sector at the birth of CEC that the entire line of what would be labelled 'Light Freighters' by most other manufacturers was designated 'Yield Transports' by CEC.